Audit Office To Review Smart Meter Rollout

As some of us already know, these meters frequently up the power bill. By huge amounts. $400 to $1000 is one I heard. The ploy used to justify them, cheaper power bills is just that. Then we’re told that’s because we were being previously undercharged. So in the case of the $1K bill, charged $600 too little. I don’t think so. Plus they’re not only a health risk they are also prone to causing fires. Folk need to watch Josh del Sol’s exposé Take Back Your Power for all the info these people are not telling us.


By Paul Homewood


h/t Dave Ward


Plans to install smart meters in millions of British homes will be reviewed by the government spending watchdog, the BBC has learned.

The National Audit Office says it will investigate whether the planned £11bn rollout will save customers money.

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy says it will work with the NAO to "help review the progress of this important programme".

Smart meters show how much energy is being used and the cost in real time.

The technology is projected to save £16.7bn through reduced energy use, with the cost of the scheme funded through energy bills.

Meter readings are sent back to the supplier, with the promise of energy bills based on accurate use, rather than estimates.

But some users have experienced problems with installations, inaccurate bills or loss of the meter’s ‘smart’ features when they switch suppliers.


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