The killer that keeps on killing – war & the nightmare of DEPLETED URANIUM


Think about some 450,000 military and civilians who have been rotated from America to Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo and other areas where Depleted Uranium Weapons were utilized. Imagine that the U.S. Government KNEW of the RADTriage dosimeter and cost of $20.00 even when the older models were brought out. Some SEALS and special ops units were provided no doubt with smaller and cheaper models which sold for perhaps $10.00 and registered similarly from 1-50 RADS.

NOW let me tell you a story: Once upon a time in America, the military males decided to use Depleted Uranium Weapons in battle on several fronts. The reason for using the DU Weapons was no force on earth had such a devistating weapons which would penetrate a tank or armored vehicle and make all occupants crispy critters in an instant killing everyone in the opposing group’s armored vehicles.

A NEW WEAPON DEVELOPED WITH DEPLETED URANIUM which would leave particles with a half life of perhaps 4.5 Billion Years. America and the Allies took great pleasure in the FIRST GULF WAR and SECOND GULF WAR which is still ongoing so very pleased at the fact that the so called terrorists and enemy did not have such a weapon of mass destruction which would not only destroy military personnel and weapons but be guaranteed to contaminate the entire country where the weapons were dispersed with little or no casualties to American or Allied Forces.

Military and Civilians rotated into the area without RADTriage dosimeters or any type of dosimeter took their posts as good American Combat and Support men and women thinking IF the DU was dangerous UNCLE would protect the U.S. Forces and others volunteering from Allied Forces or Civilian units in the United States. Little did all humans realize that the Military Powerful stayed many thousands of miles away commanding operations which contaminated many Nations and could spread this contamination to the rest of the World. Some civilians called for the United Nations to intervene and use the Security Council to STOP America and Allied forces to the United States from using DU weapons. Many prayed for the UN to step in and hear from two senior citizens who tried to ask for 10 minutes to appear at the UN at their own costs without payment from the United States Government or anyone!

Those brave military and civilians serving one full year IN COUNTRY with DU Weapons and DU Particles contaminating the Air, Earth, Animals, Birds, Fowl, Pets, Humans, plus Water would find by dedicated specialists from France and the United States such as Doctor Moret and Doctor Rokke that the entire areas are HOT with radiation and exposure was unknown levels for the first 450,000 brave American’s serving their President.


Photo: screen shot, Democracy Now video

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  1. AND …. recently Jeff Rense did a good interview with a military fellow who knows a lot about OK City bombing. He pointed out all the Gulf War Syndrome victims’ health records were in that building. Many have said blowing up the contents of the building was the motive for the inside-job-bombing.
    Interview Part 1

    interview Part 2

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      1. Yes. It points to motive. Before I always thought it was a drmatic effort to push thru the Patriot Act …. but it seems they loaded up that target with docs they wanted to disappear. Like docs in building 7 WTC.
        Same playbook points to same actors.


        1. I think they enjoy mass killing. A bunch of warlocks. I report on my blog a lot on the Grenfell Towers fire since I think it was a ‘sacrifice’ by wackos to their demon-god. Evidently so on purpose fire & non-rescue.
          In S. Korea they discuss a lot that ferry accident that killed all those SK high school kids. The ship owner was some kind of blood cult member and witchraft connections brought down the criminal PM (the one just before Moon).
          At least over there they investigate and jail these wackos.


        2. Yes, truth. Like 911. If I can find, will post links I found years ago on that. Must check your site again as I had followed the Grenfell one. THat was shocking. Especially given they were warning a long time beforehand (the action group).

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        3. First one there, ‘housed in hotels’, is what they do here, house people in motels at huge cost they ahve to pay back. ONe woman owes $80K. Could have loaned her that for a deposit on a house. And still homeless.

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        4. Everyone makes SOOOO much money off the poor. Catherine Austin Fitts saw that when she was #2 at HUD (US housing agency).
          Then they tried to destroy her for blabbing.

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      1. yes, and she gives detailed, sourced answers when you ask her anything. She knows a lot about laser weapons used to make CA wildfires recently.

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