1080 drop at Molesworth Stn NZ kills 345 NZ deer … dubbed “utterly inhumane” by a US University Professor

From the No to 1080 use in NZ Facebook page. Read the details of NZ’s Molesworth Station drop in mainstream media below. If we the public treated our animals in this way, we would be convicted of cruelty to animals. Not DoC. They kill non target animals with impunity. Three hundred and forty five deer is a lot of animals. This is happening also to sheep, cattle, horses, our native birds and pet animals, while DoC tells us it targets pests. Dying from 1080 poisoning has been likened by a Vet to two days of being electrocuted. 

The poster below has been circulated by Professor Marc Bekoff of Colorado University with the following comment:

“This is utterly inhumane and simply wrong — every welfare and conservation organization should openly oppose this slaughter” … Marc Bekoff, Prof of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Colorado, U.S.A.

Poster:  James Smith

Deer deaths investigated by New Zealand Deerstalkers Association


Hunters have paid for scientists to fly over the site of a 1080 drop, thought to be behind hundreds of dead deer, to count carcasses.

The toxic bait was dropped over a third of Molesworth Station, the country’s largest farm, by helicopter in October as part of a national possum control operation.

The Marlborough branch of the New Zealand Deerstalkers Association then hired two helicopters to methodically sweep the area, having planned the survey in advance.




Anger after 1080 drop kills red deer at Molesworth Station


Hundreds of carcasses reported after Molesworth drop to fight tuberculosis.

A 1080 poison operation targeting possum on New Zealand’s largest farm has angered hunters who fear it’s needlessly killed hundreds of red deer.

Deer hunters have self-funded an aerial survey in the last few weeks to count just how many of the local red deer population have been killed after a 1080 drop in late-October by TBFree NZ to control possums on the historic 180,000-hectare Molesworth Station.

While the Marlborough branch of the New Zealand Deerstalkers Association (NZDA) says the data is still being collated, with a final report still a month away, online hunting forums suggest as many as 345 red deer have been spotted lying dead on the land.

“There were certainly dead deer seen,” said Wayne Smith, NZDA Marlborough branch committee member, “and, from observations, not as many live deer running around the hills as we would’ve expected.”




Hawke’s Bay Today editorial



28 thoughts on “1080 drop at Molesworth Stn NZ kills 345 NZ deer … dubbed “utterly inhumane” by a US University Professor”

  1. DOC and the government need to wake up to themselves. They are doing more damage than good. They go on about the dude that punched the possum is cruelty to animals. Look in the mirror you idiots

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  2. The person signing in as Anonymous is a sad excuse for a critical thinker. State Owned Company Orillion is the owner of Pest off and make heaps of money. DOC has a wealthy sponser with Orillion having an wealth of money coming from Pest off sales, leveys from Cattle Farmers and tax payers money. Govt Terrorism at its best. Our Govt has told us a lie…made it big….and told it often. This was ploy the Nazi’s did during the second world war (refer to Joseph Goebbels)https://www.orillion.com/about/

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  3. So what I don’t get is why DOC didn’t look at Feratox. This is encapsulated fast acting cyanide which can be broadcast in small bags containing a possum lure. If the questionable “rugged terrain” required helicopter bait distribution, then the bait/toxin combination becomes irrelevant. DOC did not use a possum specific toxin because clearly the deer and pigs were as much “target species” as the possums
    DOC give no consideration to animal cruelty, nor do they concern themselves with contaminated waterways or non-target species deaths

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  4. Why I don’t understand is these blocks open for deer recovery before these poisoning s take place, at least then hunters etc have the opportunity to prevent these awesome animals being killed no brainer really

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    1. The point of the article is primarily the cruelty animals are subjected to. In the case of 1080, the equivalent, according to a veterinarian, of two days of electric shocks. Then the mothers who have died this excruciating death, leave young to die of hunger. These animals can be hunted & used for meat, not left lying as they frequently are, to rot often in the waterways causing secondary poisoning for other animals that eat them. Including humans.


  5. ‘Always an ‘Agenda’ with our Govt!!..1080 needs to be BANNED!..bn doing Aerial drops since late 60’s.(I don’t recall Public Notices either!)it’s been a long agonizing process of Animals and Birds succumbing to the ‘effects’ of 1080,and We really do not know wat effect it has had on our Fish and Waterways (Marine and Freshwater!)’Being ‘Raped’ of Land,Homes,Food Resources and Our very Livelyhoods..been forced into ‘Displacement’…’Foreigners buying out the destitute Farmers and Businesses forced into Financial losses because of ‘Fear-Mongering’..and Pesticide Abuse!..ohh yes!..’They’ definitely have an AGENDA!

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    1. Absolutely it should be banned. Re the warning notices, do you mean on the ground or pre warning by media etc Janette? All you say there … serious times. Def an agenda, more than one too IMO.


  6. I’m in Australia and I have seen how horrific it is to die from 1080 poisoning, it kills all vertebrae animals and there is no antidote.
    Their muscles contract and spasm to the point where animals can break their own back. I have seen it kill horses and dogs and it truly is the most horrendous way to die . It is a very effective poison if used properly and only available to the feral pest that needs to be controlled but dumping it from a helicopter is leaving it out for anything that comes in contact with it and that’s indiscriminate killing. I know that it is water soluble and have read that traces have been found in NZ trout but I’m not 100% sure.


    1. That’s horrific Evan. And yes it does kill indiscriminately. Dr Meriel Watts has written on that topic. Anything that breathes basically. I’ve seen many others confirm what you say on the various FB forums & particularly the GrafBoys & their videos. Here is some info on the water issue…http://1080science.co.nz/is-1080-safe-in-water-2/ You can also find more info & links on our 1080 pages.
      I note they are killing wallabies was it in Australia?


  7. most of the watch groups like forest and bird will never make a bad comment about doc and there 1080 program cause you never bite the hand that feeds you you keep kissing arse and work on the fact you can baffle most of the people with bullshit we have lost a dog thru this nasty poison it was pitiful watching a much loved pet die a very painful death chris shuker

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  8. This is insanity. It sounds like the government is planning to kill off all the surface animals that could possibly be used as food. The people should be very worried about the ramifications of that fact Further its time for the people enmass to stand up and stop this madness. Contact the local authorities today and demand a stop to this slaughter

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    1. Agree Jamie. It has to happen. It’s waking up those left who still don’t see what’s been happening. Share around the doco Poisoning Paradise also. That is the eye opener for people.


  9. Shocking absolutely shocking !! Clean green Nz ?????? Don’t think so .
    There’s no doubt deer are targeted as well as opossums. Where is the line drawn is a fawn staving beside it’s mother more cruel than a kea or bush robin dying in a creek ??
    Those deer could have supplied homeless/under privileged in protein rich venison for months .

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    1. Exactly Ashamed kiwi. Don’t know though if they’re targeting deer or it’s just open slather on everything in line of fire given all the other random kill we’re seeing. And into the waterways. Shocking alright.


      1. Keeping in mind though Pam that 1080 is not the only cause to Kea bird numbers dropping. Also not to extinction, but endangered, more causes such as human interference and lack of introduced pest control is the main reason of death. DOC would not drop 1080 if it would kill all kea (not saying it doesn’t kill some.) also the veterinarian that compared the feeling of 1080 to 2 days of electric shocks. I’m not sure how you find out that information but it sounds liable. Not saying 1080 is good, but understanding the reason they are dropping it. Mostly because of lack of money that is given to doc for pest control.

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      2. A vet who is prepared to speak out is Dr Howard Ralph BVSc (Hons). MBBS (Hons), MVS (Wildlife Medicine), JCCA Accred (Anaesthesia), Dip TESL, A/D Fine Arts, Cert Ed NSW, Clinical Forensic M O, Manly Sydney, NSW, Australia

        He says “1080 poison – it is like being electrocuted for 2 plus days”. https://envirowatchrangitikei.wordpress.com/2017/03/18/death-by-1080-poison-is-like-being-electrocuted-for-two-plus-days-says-vet/ “Doc would not drop 1080 etc” they killed 89 Kiwi and didn’t test ONE for 1080. Pretty irresponsible & non scientific IMO. As to lack of money, the NZ govt OWNS Orillion that makes 1080. Hitherto we’ve used around 80% of the world’s supply & most other nations have banned it. And they won’t test humans for poisoning. They lost a young woman’s heart for heavens sakes. A Medical Doc suspected 1080 poisoning & sought to have it tested. And they LOST it? However you slice & dice it that sounds very like cover up to me. His follow up efforts by making submissions about the dangers of 1080 fell on deaf ears. There are better ways to eliminate pests than slather everything with deadly poison.


      3. wow Pam…you are a real stirrer with only problems and no solutions…tell us in your wisdom…what is the best way to deal with the noxious pests of our NZ native bush.


      4. Well Someone I remind you of the main purpose of this site … exposing lies & corruption. The science isn’t adding up. I reserve the right to expose the cracks … the ‘problems’ as you put it. And I’ve said it before, trapping & hunting are the alternatives, like used to happen before the poison. Note: if you are pro 1080 & happy with the status quo, you should participate in those discussions, you’ll find them in mainstream media.


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