Swedish Alt. Media Journalist Who Exposed Soros Corruption Found Murdered

Journalists, along with scientists and holistic doctors, murdered, mysterious deaths, apparent suicides … all for exposing lies and bringing us the truth.

Nwo Report

An alternative media journalist who exposed corruption within George Soros’ organizations has been found murdered. 

Bechir Rabani was found dead on Friday night just after he had investigated and exposed a well known far left group funded by Soros.

[Note: the article below is translated from the original Swedish]

Friatider.se reports: The cause of death is still unknown, but several theories about it have spread on the Internet.

The death occurred within hours after Bechir Rabani had released a movie in which visited the home of multi-millionaire Robert Aschberg.

Just before Rabani’s mysterious deaht, he announced that he would release more information about evidence he had uncovered during his investigation.

Bechir Rabani became famous when he went home to Express’s Thomas Mattsson and Diamond Salihu earlier this year to ask questions about their journalism.

Rabani filmed the visit, but neither of the two people he visited dared open the door…

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