Flu Vaccines Are Killing Senior Citizens, Study Warns


I am very concerned about our elderly. They trust this vaccine, I hear them. They don’t question it. Their Doctors tell them they need to have it. My elderly mother now passed refused this. She got it once & immediately got sick & declined it thereafter. Most of that generation (excluding my mother & others like her)  so trusted the medical profession they would never question it. A friend in her 70s recently told me she would NEVER question her doctor. Very sad. We have handed over our well being to people we never question? Or even have the dialogue with about the research? What I am also seeing is elderly folk approaching or in their 80s or beyond, denied further treatment. Treated one month, the next they are sent home with the verdict we can do no more (& I sometimes suspect is it we will spend no more?) or offered hospice… where some I’ve seen quickly die.  Watch your elderly loved ones in the system. The Liverpool Care Pathway is used here. Google that. I will be writing on it soon.

Nwo Report

A JAMAstudy has found that the flu vaccine, taken by 60% of people over 65-years-old, may be killing a significant number of senior citizens.

Sharyl Attkisson, a former investigative journalist for CBS, says the study shows there is no improvement in mortality rates among senior citizens who get flu shots, and may actually contribute to increased ill-health and death.

Inquisitr.com reports: The study “got little attention,” she says, “because the science came down on the wrong side.” Whereas the researchers had set out to prove that the push for massive flu vaccination would save the world, the researchers were “astonished” to find that the data did not support their presupposition at all. The data actually shows that deaths increased, not decreased, among seniors following vaccination.

Johns Hopkins scientist, Peter Doshi, Ph.D., issued a report in the prestigious British Medical Journal, according to NewsLI, asserting that the CDC policy…

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