A Weapon More Destructive Than A Nuclear Bomb: It Has Already Been Deployed

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nuclear-bomb-iran-e1405694886188-598x350croppedWe live in times (once again) where stability is threatened by forces around the world. Everyone threatens each other with atomic talk. Random bombings, terrorism and shootings becoming part of the regularly reported news. Centrifuges, uranium enrichment, ballistic missiles, nuclear warheads…what catastrophic events do we face next?

These events are nothing more than distractions, however. Sure, they may kill millions of innocent lives having nothing to do with the political and religious ideologies these governments and radical organizations impose, but these numbers are trivial compared to the weapon already unleashed and making its way around the world.

What makes this weapon so dangerous is its innocuous manner of killing. We fear guns, knives, bombs, and other weapons used to kill opposition. They tear the flesh causing sudden intense pain as massive amounts of blood exit the body along with the life that resides within it.  The genius behind today’s most…

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