NZ’s 1080 supply is made right here in your own back yard – FYI

1080 Factory in WHANGANUI

Information supplied by Carol Sawyer

‘Animal Control Products’, trading as “Orillion” is the government-owned factory that makes all the 1080 poison pellets for the whole of New Zealand.

Protesters outside the 1080 factory (2017) in Heads Rd, Castlecliff, WHANGANUI, NZ (PHOTO: Victoria Mitchell)



1080 is an alias for Monofluoroacetate, a chemical. Monofluoroacetate was originally developed and marketed as an insecticide. It functions primarily by interfering with the citrate step in the Krebs cycle [5]. The Krebs cycle is the major and an essential mechanism by which all air breathing creatures utilize food to produce energy. It is therefore universally toxic to all animals, essentially every living thing except plants and some micro-organisms. The degree of toxicity of 1080 is extreme, but varies somewhat among species. It is categorised by the World Health Organization (WHO) as 1A, their highest rating, “extremely toxic” [1,2]. The PAN pesticide database classifies 1080 as one of the few “PAN Bad Actor Chemicals”, by which it means “highly acutely toxic” [2]. It can kill every air-breathing animal. One hundred milligrams is sufficient to kill an adult human [1]. In theory, one could kill at least 20 million people with the amount being dropped into New Zealand Forests every year.
Dr Q Whiting-OKeefe (BA Chemistry, Math), MD, FACMI

The World Health Organization (WHO) classifies 1080 as ‘Extremely Hazardous’, most countries ban it outright. NZ uses 85% of the world’s supply.

A must watch if you are new to 1080 is ‘Poisoning Paradise’ by the GrafBoys. For further info see our 1080 pages including a comprehensive list of links to further sources. 


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