DoC Caught Breaking Their Own Rules – Storing 1080 in Whitianga’s CBD, Adjacent to Food Outlets


By Carol Sawyer

The 1080 poison for this operation had apparently been stored in the DoC office in the CENTRE OF TOWN, 20 Joan Gaskell Road, for approximately six weeks, unbeknown to the Mayor of Thames, Coromandel District Council, maybe also unknown to the Fire Chief, and apparently unknown to the other tenants of the building. DoC were caught out breaking all the rules, in other words !

A 2 1080 storage coromandel.jpg

I should add that the New World Supermarket is across the road, (photo above) Countdown is 24 Joan Gaskell Road, so virtually next door. The 1080 poison was surrounded by food outlets in other words.

As well as this the 1080 poison was apparently stored in another tenant, Platinum Homes’, storage area. Platinum Homes, I am told, knew nothing off this and are furious.

Below are Google Earth street view photos, showing that this was a completely unacceptable place to store 20 tonnes of 1080 poison !

It must be remembered that sodium monofluoroacetate (Compound 1080) is a World Health Organisation Class 1A Eco-toxin, with no known antidote, and banned in most countries.

This situation was uncovered by a young man who lived over the fence in a housing estate because the smell of the cinnamon in the 1080 baits was recognizable in the air!

This situation (DoC loading up the 1080 poison) was uncovered by Benny Rebz around 5.00 pm on the 17th October. He alerted John Allen who came down to see for himself and then alerted others.

Photos :

A 31080 storage coromandel
Looking down the road from the Liquor King building
A 1080 storage coromandel
The DoC office and storage area is at the back of the Liquor King building
Houses exactly next door to where 20 tonnes of 1080 poison baits were stored for approximately 6 weeks. They were completely unaware apparently. This poses a huge risk had there been a fire! The other major (& clearly unknown) risk to these people is the toxic dust that must have been in the air when loading and unloading the 1080
DoC staff loading 1080 poison in Whitianga CBD for Coromandel drop 2017  Photo: John Allen via Carol Sawyer
DoC staff loading 1080 poison in CBD  Photo John Allen via Carol Sawyer




13 thoughts on “DoC Caught Breaking Their Own Rules – Storing 1080 in Whitianga’s CBD, Adjacent to Food Outlets”

    1. Indeed I agree when you really examine what that order is about … spoken of frequently by successive US presidents. The agenda also clearly expounded in the United Nations plan for sustainable development. I haven’t seen anything sustainable at all Helena. Look at our highly polluted rivers now. Sustainable? I think not. The independent data on this poison is damning & yet still the poisoning continues.


  1. This is absolutely disgusting.
    If this is correct then DOC are so far out of control and doing what they want to suit themselves even if it against rules and laws.
    They should be held to account and prosecuted


    1. They are Nick. The concerning thing, if you read the other post on the assault on the 70 year old man by DoC staff, and the response they had from the Police, it isn’t looking too promising in terms of accountability.


    1. Graham if you genuinely believe 1080 is harmless then you need to read Dr Meriel Watt’s statements/research on it: “1080 is a broad-spectrum poison: it kills all oxygen-breathing animals and organisms. This alone is reason enough to cease dispersing it into the environment. It indiscriminately kills and contaminates everything from the insects that underpin the native fauna food chain to precious native birds, dogs and farm animals.” Read this post also: The gentleman assaulted was dragged from his car unprovoked. This should be concerning all NZ citizens REGARDLESS of their stance on the use of 1080. They should be especially concerned at the response given them. The issue isn’t how bad the injury was.
      I generally don’t post pro 1080 comments as I don’t have time to moderate the inevitable convoluted discussions that follow from people who only believe the mainstream justification without reading the independent evidence … MS is eager to print pro 1080 comments but not those of people who are against it so there is the better venue.


    2. Hello Graham with the four variations in name and SIX IP addresses. I’m not ever going to publish your waffling pro poison blather on 1080, vaccines, Fukushima or anything else. You should head over to mainstream, they will love your comments I’m sure. Have a great day!


  2. Who would have thought that things could get so bad? But what is worse is that it concerns a government department and is apparently sanctioned by which ever party or parties are in power at the time.

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