Pukaha Mt Bruce, 49 dead kiwi since 2013 – only one ever tested for poisoning – from DoC’s own records

Published on Mar 10, 2017

Pukaha – Mt Bruce is a 942 hectare, un-fenced wildlife project situated in the Wairarapa Region of the North Island of New Zealand. It claims great success in the recovery of re-introduced bird species like kiwi – but the dark truth is, that kiwi are dying in large numbers, and the decline is directly pointing to pesticides like the aerially spread 1080 poison, or their failure to kill targeted species. This clip investigates the claims and catastrophes that are Mt Bruce …

8 thoughts on “Pukaha Mt Bruce, 49 dead kiwi since 2013 – only one ever tested for poisoning – from DoC’s own records”

  1. Call me a conspiracist if you dare, but I can’t think of even one good reason why the NZ Govt FAILS to test for the presence of 1080 poison in dozens of dead allegedly-protected kiwi birds on DoC land.
    Any wonder why an increasing majority of Kiwi humans are so vociferously anti-1080 these days?
    It’s not as if there aren’t better ways of dealing with rats… and other politicians.

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  2. We were there these school holidays (Tuesday 10th October 2017) and ate our lunch before going in, outside on the picnic tables. A man was walking around spraying with no protective gear while we and others were eating an early lunch out there. I asked him what the spray was and he said “Weed Master” this is a glyphosate weed killer. Wonder if this could be contributing to the kiwi deaths too!!!


    1. No I have had a similar exchange with workers without protective gear Aileen. One told me they didn’t want to alarm the public all dressed in a mask etc. Great logic! Truth is their glyphosate is literally everywhere, roadsides, parks, school grounds you name it they’ve sprayed it just about. Witness all the yellow fields we see. The animals are eating it so it’s in our meat. So yes, I’m inclined to agree with your thoughts, could well be a part of the total package so to speak. A Forest & Bird walkway I lived near once used to literally hose the forest floor with glyphosate to make it look good 😦 Thanks for your thoughts Aileen.


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