DoC’s own records show that 100s of Kiwi are being killed in 1080 poisoned habitats

Shocking information here. This is an ad for the Ban 1080 party for the election just gone. A short clip that provides visual evidence of DoC’s documentation of Kiwi deaths. Remember our post on the 89 deaths that showed no testing for 1080 as being cause of death … the obvious sure fire way to prove it WASN’T 1080 & they didn’t use it? Makes you wonder doesn’t it? Why would they not do that? DoC it would appear, prefers to squirm out of the obvious ways of proving to us that 1080 is doing a good job. Then there was the NZ Lab’s loss of a human heart that a MD had asked to have tested for possible 1080 poison. Again, makes you wonder doesn’t it? What are they hiding? In my humble opinion I think it might be the evidence 1080 isn’t working.

For further info and links to the Graf Boys’ must watch doco ‘Poisoning Paradise’, their websites, YT Channel and other relative info see our 1080 pages at the main menu

Published on Sep 19, 2017

8 thoughts on “DoC’s own records show that 100s of Kiwi are being killed in 1080 poisoned habitats”

    1. Hello Graham with the four variations in name and SIX IP addresses. I’m not ever going to publish your waffling pro poison blather on 1080, vaccines, Fukushima or anything else. You should head over to mainstream, they will love your comments I’m sure. Have a great day!


      1. Pam Vernon I believe your the one waffling about 1080.
        Obviously you have not seen a animal or a bird die after swallowing 1080 poison ,all those birds and animals died a horrifically painful death .

        May you stay relaxed and comfortable on your couch .
        While these atrocities are committed on our native animals and birdlife .


        1. Jack we are NOT PRO POISON here. You need to read our 1080 pages. I was simply replying to Graham who is an advocate of 1080 poison & tries to post here regularly with various email addresses, telling us what a wonderful product 1080 is.


  1. CONFISCATION NOTICE TO DIRTY DOC OFFICE: YOURE ALL FIRED! This Chemical and Mining Company dirty office is to face a DEVALUATION PROCESS OF CLOSURE OF THE ERA OF AFFAIRS!! All overpaid white privilege positions will be terminated! With International Court support you will face a CLOSURE AND CHARGES WILL BE LAID for Terrorism acts of violence crimes against humanity and the Environment of rare unique native species you have DEPOPULATED with the agenda to welcome MINING Companies to move in to Mine stolen Maori land! I DECLARE ALL MAORI LAND STOLEN by DOC will be FULLY RETURNED! kiraro pakeha! Kamutu!


  2. 1080 is the Worst thing ever to come to our shores, Pity that the corrupt Govt. is making so much money from it”

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