Jacinda Adern & Labour: Truth Exposed

Thanks to Vinny Eastwood and Ben Vidgen for more important information you won’t find in mainstream media. Watch their first two videos (the first on our front/news page, right side, the other posted yesterday). Learn more about Labour behind the scenes. I’ve stayed pretty much off the election topic, that’s covered fairly adequately in other blogs and sites I feel. In addition, contrary to my feelings with previous elections, I’m taking a longer look at the bigger picture. This applies to everything pretty much which you’d know if you read my posts. So many of our histories have been proven to be fake & the powers that be know people are finding this out. Hence the greater internet censorship that is going on now. Those who use social media to network know this and will have found it more obvious. We are being curtailed on what we say and share now. These are serious warning signs in my opinion. A recent watch of the TPP happenings further afield tells me that their fine print will make it illegal for anybody to disseminate by social media any speaking out on the wrong doings of corporations. They want full sway with no interference. People had better wake up fast.
On topic, another useful read is the Opal file on NZ’s recent history. Also on topic, read our Agenda 21 pages, particularly the NZ one. The world is not as it seems.

Published on Aug 30, 2017

Jacinda Ardern & Labour: The Truth Exposed (NZ Elections Pt3) http://www.thevinnyeastwoodshow.com/v… This last week almost every conversation I’ve been having has involved repetitive arguments, support for Labour and Jacinda Ardern, what made those arguments so frustrating, is that a perfect reply to everyones arguments about voting Labour this election, are in this video right here! Enjoy 🙂 Support Vinny on Patreon https://www.patreon.com/VinnyEastwood Paypal and Kiwibank options available at http://www.thevinnyeastwoodshow.com/ To be added to the secret donors club for special rewards, Message me here: https://www.facebook.com/VinnyEastwoo…
Photo Credit: Jacinda Adern (Wikipedia) 

4 thoughts on “Jacinda Adern & Labour: Truth Exposed”

  1. “People had better wake up fast” But wake up and do what? We are powerless against the corporations and the government who are screwing us. As a country we lack any decent regulation which has made it easier for other countries to exploit us.

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    1. The powerlessness Barney, yes I agree, and that lack of regulation I believe goes back to the 70s & Muldoon … by increments the regulations have been removed & by design. The point you raise, ‘do what’? is the million dollar question. You are obviously aware of this level of deceit & corruption but so many are not still. Which I guess is really who my comment was aimed at. And this is where it comes, for answers beyond that, to our own value stance. Some are just going off grid, prepping for the day it all folds, others are waiting for the aliens…. depends on what your beliefs are and how you make sense of life.

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  2. Wish I’d read this before the election. After a lifetime of voting Labour, I’m waking up, and with a vengeance, so that makes about three of us…

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    1. Never too late & the election’s a bit of a scam anyway IMO. The shambolic so called govt that we have that’s really a corporation … gives only an illusion of choice. All in the same camp at the end of the day … globalist camp. Awesome you are joining dots there Barbara 🙂

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