Dunne & dusted

Lest folks get upset at the opinions of other authors, bear in mind we can’t agree with everybody. Their opinions aren’t always mine but I appreciate them nevertheless. This post is a political comment. I certainly agree on the point that politics has become farcical. The usual dog and pony show.


Dunne & Dusted

From William McGregor

What a joke N.Z. politics have become ….

Just watched the 6 o’clock news and we see that the second biggest PARASITE in politics (behind Winnie) has thrown his hand in; the polls said people have had enough of him “warming his seat” after 30 (odd) years in Parliament – (and I mean ODD)…. and achieving “sweet fanny adams”!
Never mind Peter; you milked the gravy train nicely; all Dunne & dusted!
The polls seem to be saying it’s all about appearances rather than policies …. old “farts” out/ pretty new faces in.
Why not just change the flower vases in the Bee-hive if you’re wanting a fresh look ….

National’s last minute election lollipop, while NZ’s child poverty ranks 3rd highest in the developed world

National is going to CAP going to the Doctors at $18 …. but, only if they get back in….
It took EIGHT YEARS to come up with that little gem! Pfffttt!!!
There are NO “NEW” POLICIES – ANYWHERE …. regardless of which Party you listen to.

Instead, we have an “Auction” on a GRAND SCALE …
National = 2 Billion Bucks and a couple of new hospitals…..
Labour = We’ll see you 2 Billion & a couple of hospitals, and raise you with a reduction in costs for your medication ….
National = We’ll see that, and raise you with an $18 cap on Doctors fees …. C’mon Labour …. it’s your call – raise or fold!

Our Politics is fast approaching the U.S. (Trump v. Clinton) debacle …. there IS NO HOPE when we are just playing who can offer the most lollies to the multitudes …. It’s a bloody JOKE!


15 thoughts on “Dunne & dusted”

    1. Very interesting futuret. Yes the cheap labour. Another incentive I’ve overlooked in a sense. They work for near zilch in the sweatshops at home so the wages of the west would be wealth. Sad how these people are manipulated & used. As has always been the case.


  1. Dunn & Dusted,, luv it.. Here is my take on mainstream politics.. Only the “muppet’s” appear on the news, those “they” want you to vote for.!! Sorry Wintson, mainstream don’t like it when you call them out on their lies and misinformation, so “news” reports he refuses to make any comment,. But, in Winston’s case I think we need a “waha nui” big mouth not afraid to tell it as it is, hopefully.. imagine a lobbyist trying to approach Winston with some sort of policy/scam, that I would luv to see.. I do like what IP & ALCP have been putting forward as policies and hope they make the numbers to be able to enter parliament, Act somehow got in.. Cheers Always for your informative writing’s Pam..

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    1. Hi Jace, thanks for your take, & yes I agree on the media. That is their arm of indoctrination. Manipulating the masses. Love the ‘waha nui’. He is that & sharp.
      And you’re welcome. Thanks for reading 🙂

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  2. Winston Peters is very good and doesn’t deserve that sot of criticism — apart from banning 1080 and exposing corruption, he wants to see freight moved by rail in preference to road and wants a severe brake on the numbers of immigrants which are causing a big strain on the country’s infrastructure, and sky-rocketing house prices.

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    1. Yes he does re the immigrants WW. Often labelled as racist he actually, when you listen to him is not. It’s about numbers as you say. And just as we go to election they (Nats) announce increased numbers (more votes for them IMO).


  3. I am very disappointed to see you calling Winston Peters a Parasite. NZ First is the only party in parliament who have done anything to stop 1080 Poison and who are committed to seeing this travesty being committed to our environment stopped.
    I think NZ First need our encouragement and recognition for their efforts to date, not being publically bagged.

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    1. Sorry if you’re offended Neville. I personally like Winston actually & like his stand for truth & exposing corruption, and latterly yes, his stand against 1080 for sure.
      This post is by a friend & unfortunately I guess we can’t all agree on everything. I perhaps will add that to the post.. Thanks for your comment 🙂


      1. Thank you for your comment Pam. I also appreciate Winston for having the Toll on the Tauranga Harbour Bridge removed when it was discovered that the bridge had been well and truly paid for. User pay is fine but not when it is abused.
        Also he instigated the Gold Card for those retired. Thanks also for that Winston.
        As you say Pam, he is also a champion of truth and exposing corruption, not a bad trait in a politician, so yes I was offended.


      2. You’re welcome Neville. … The toll is interesting. I didn’t know about that one. And isn’t that typical? That has shades of Agenda 21 in it. Road tolls. I won’t go there for lack of time. And yes, he is the ONLY one far as I recall who stands up against corruption. He’s quite a watch dog.


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