Is Key insider trading with NZ’s very large debt? – a timely revisit

A repost of an old one, so the figures will be behind (for sure our debt is ‘magnanimously’ larger by now given it grows daily & the interest, well, the bankers are in it for that aren’t they?) … still worth a revisit given it’s the season of kissing babies, photographs with grandma and pa and pre election lollipops. Don’t be taken in folks. They’ll just repeat the last round. I note particularly they’ve replaced ‘trash-everything’ John with ‘smiling teddy bear’ (pretend it’s all good) Bill just in time for the election. And early enough that those with short memories will have forgotten just what a mess Key’s made of the country. Highest teen suicide, highest child poverty, highest homelessness. While the rich wallow in their loot. They remind me somewhat of the old Scrooge McDuck caricature, wallowing in his bank vault.


So, is John Key benefiting from NZ debt?

Does water flow downhill? Do birds fly? Do corporate flunkies lie? Key, the PM who will be proudly remembered for denying hungry kids school lunches.


A reminder folks of just how corrupt the beloved ex PM & his Nat party are. They are systematically destroying the last vestiges of sovereignty, independence and prosperity we have, or should that be ‘had’? And don’t forget the lost $200 million debacle and the collapsed Portuguese bank … the ‘fail safe’ investment of Kiwisaver funds! While they go after Metiria Turei with teeth and claws for a few hundred dollars.



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