NZ health care whistleblower speaks out about vaccines leading to illness & deaths in elderly


“The following piece was contributed by a New Zealander who interviewed a New Zealand health care worker who was prepared to share their observations of the effects of vaccination on staff and vulnerable patients.”


Health Care Provider Whistleblower: Vaccines Leading to Sickness, Days off Work and Death

“A little experience often upsets a lot of theory.” – S. Parkes Cadman

A New Zealand health care worker has witnessed vaccines causing harm and shares some observations in an interview conducted in mid-May, 2017. As ‘Corey’ (not real name) wishes to remain in employment, some details, including dates, locations and Corey’s gender, were omitted.

Corey worked at a rest home where residents were provided with hospital level care. The death rate was typically about five over the course of a year, but following the administration of flu shots, there was an unprecedented number within a four-week week period. Seven died within a month according to this concerned whistleblower.

Corey said the flu vaccines, which research has indicated are not only ineffective in the elderly, but immune suppressive, [1] were administered on the recommendation of a General Practitioner, (GP), who was working to Ministry of Health and World Health Organization immunization targets.

Offers Corey: “The residents were aged between 78 and 90-years-of age and some of those who died had been in good health. Within about 10 days of receiving the vaccine, the first deaths started to happen. We lost three patients within in a few days of each other and then two more a few days after that. That’s five deaths within a little more than a week!”

“They had developed a cough in the first week, they went off food and their temperatures were raised. They had bacterial pneumonia and we had to give them antibiotics, but they still went on to die. It was not a natural death and the rest home could have been in serious trouble if residents’ family members found out that the vaccines had been given, as the GP responsible had not sought consent on behalf of those who were mentally unable to say ‘no’. It’s not written anywhere that a doctor has the right to make the decision to vaccinate.”


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  1. Issues around vaccinations are probably due to legal, regulated and quantified glyphosate residues in growing vaccine proteins. (For the record, in my opinion, vaccines should be safe again – when made with organic eggs.) As shown in many links, minute Glyphosate residues, are allowed by the United Nations, Food & Agri Org, Codex Alimentarius, at 0.05mg/Kg, or 50 parts per million in eggs. This pesticide has been patented as a herbicide and antibiotic, and is also an amino acid, so glyphosate is biologically active when vaccines are cultured on these eggs. Glyphosate residues can grow in the vaccine protein chains, imitating random amino acids, and so mutate the vaccine proteins in unpredictable ways. These acknowledged quantities of glyphosate do contaminate cultured vaccine proteins, but Monsanto actively fights both labels and testing. This range of expected mutations could explain the spectrum of reactions to inoculations, which vary from discomfort to autism.


    1. Interesting thoughts there yogazeal. Definitely there’s glyphosate been found in the vaccines. Have you seen the series called Vaccines Revealed? Definitley that plus Vaxxed blows open the whole deception/lying around the vaccine industry. Shocking. Also they expose the hidden/suppressed research on the vax autism link. Thanks for commenting.


      1. Glyphosate that gets built into the proteins would be nearly impossible to detect. It is a molecule of the amino acid glycine, plus a few elements called phosphonate, really small. The proteins are bundles of amino acids all folded intricately.
        Loose glyphosate in a vaxxed child’s bloodstream would be a cause for worry, but my concern is bioactive proteins that are not true copies of the proper vaccine . . . and so unpredictable that the pharmaceutical investigators will never be able to unravel the mysterious effects.
        I think that testing for glyphosate is very expensive, or else it would be more common. My point is that the glyphosate is known to be in the eggs and vaccines have been contaminated – mutation by RoundUp is the likely culprit.


        1. I asked to test our rainwater for glyphosate, it would cost over $500. They cleverly make it (IMO) cost prohibitive. Which of course continues the Monsanto trail of lies and deception. Their tentacles are everywhere. Thanks again for your thoughts. Are you a scientist?


        2. I have a lifelong interest in science, but professionally am an architect. I am fascinated by the investigations into our gut microbiome – and how glyphosate interacts w the world!
          Questions lead to more queries . . . How does glyphosate or AMPA build into proteins – and why did Monsanto chemists avoid those early studies?


        3. Great. Yes I’m investing the gut microbiome particularly at the moment. I see it is more vitally important than most of us realize. I’ve also researched glyphosate a lot (as you’d see from my glyphosate pages). You would have listened to Dr Stephanie Seneff? Seems to me Monsanto avoided an awful lot of stuff. And still do. What is most concerning is their deliberate misleading of the public as to the safety of their poison.


        4. Yes, Dr. S Seneff is great. I hosted Jeffrey Smith here in Nelson, when he toured NZ in 2013. I will look into your glyph research, later, but expecting this news about vaccine mutation to awaken some Kiwis to the lack of good research. Need to change the government – that is our priority for the next 4 weeks, eh?

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        5. Awesome. It may be you’re more well researched than I yogazeal 🙂 From a rural area I was unaware initially of glyphosate & used it myself on odd occasion til I learned better. Farmers in our area loved it & still do. Won’t hear any bad of it. Well wined & dined by the industry years ago. I’m a little behind on that topic of late, ie not watched as closely as I used to. And change of govt? I’m a lil more skeptical I’m afraid. Same horse different rider IMO. We just get variations of the same agenda. We’ll see 😉


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