What the Metiria Turei smoke screen is actually shifting your focus from

For several days we’ve been bombarded with the alleged historical misdemeanours of the Greens’ Metiria Turei. (A google search will provide you plenty of info on that). She has confessed and is apparently paying up what she owes. However, we’ve heard nary a whisper on the alleged, equally illegal activities of the new Deputy Prime Minister. What’s good for the goose is surely good for the gander don’t you think? Or is it all just a handy smoke screen at this particular point in time? Media is hammering it. Should you be in the dark on the allegations raised regarding Ms Bennett, have a listen to the interview below of a whistle blower who knew her as a young person growing up. He did try to make this public six years ago he said but was shut down. He’s being a little more strategic now. The language is graphic (a warning for sensitive ears) but the message is clear and raw…. people in glass houses shouldn’t be throwing stones. As has happened with Metiria, so also should happen with the Deputy PM. And then the PM Bill English has been found out, and in the media regarding his houses. These people should all be fully investigated where necessary, instead of focusing on one Metiria who is looking very much like the sacrificial cow right now. If nothing else with these two women, they’ve demonstrated that it is very difficult to make ends meet on a benefit.

Now I’m all for forgive and move on, however this is a political arena, and these are our ‘esteemed’ (?) leaders. They are highlighting one and hiding the other. Let’s get some balance and some fairness surely and investigate the lot not just a select one?

Published on Jul 24, 2017

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Paula Bennett’s Criminal History EXPOSED! Ashley Farrell

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Having known the current minister of Police, Paula “Pull ya benefit” Bennett since he was 8 years old,
Ashley Farrell tells a harrowing story of who this woman is, from benefit fraud and drug abuse, to child abuse and gross miscarriage of justice, this is one show that will give you true insight into the darkness which occupies parliament and the blatant cover ups that prevent them from EVER being brought to justice!

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7 thoughts on “What the Metiria Turei smoke screen is actually shifting your focus from”

  1. Easy to see the Mainstream Media are going to be biased to the National party for the third time, as no news papers cover the good aspects of any opposition’s policy. hoskins is a toady and henry’s not much better. The only person with gutz to take them on was shafted. Wonder if it’s got anything to do with the media works bailout ?

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    1. All a bit of a bread n circus game IMO Graeme. And media will always pander to them … as you point out pretty much, step out of line & you’re down the road.


  2. WHATS REALLY DESPERATE IS THE MAIN MEDIA! This NZME Australian hijacked NewZealand media is attacking Metiria like they attack the Aboriginals in Australia….AND NEW ZEALAND NEEDS TO DISEMPOWER MEDIA BEHAVIOUR allowed to PUBLICLY Single out & target individuals THEY WANT REMOVED – BECAUSE SHE IS A THREAT! The MEDIA is a BEEHIVE EMPIRE THEMSELVES – they built their empire BY STEALING FUNDS LIKE ALL White Collared Criminals involved in white privellege crime in NEW ZEALAND directly identified as UK AUST USA partnership kkk familiy TERRORISTS dirty business….Unfortunately the FACTS ARE – PRINCE PHILLIP HAS DIED! And queen elizabeth is READY FOR THE MORGUE next! This means the ENTIRE BRITISH EMPIRE SLAVERY RULE In MAORI NATION IS OVER! The mass closure of her Courts, Banks, Media, Religions, Health &Education scheming to hire pakeha only! ITS AT A CLOSURE AND MASS JOB WILL NO LONGER EXIST HERE! FULL LAND RETURNS TO MAORI UNDER THE 1st MAORI GOVERNMENT lead by the 1835 Declaration of Independence and The 1st MAORI QUEEN FOR NEW ZEALAND INDEPENDENCE is the future for NewZealand….she will karanga for an INTERNATIONAL MILITARY RAID UPON THESE OFFICE ADMINISTRATIONS & FRAUDBOARDS for COMPLETE CONFISCATION DRIVING THE BRITISH out of New Zealand. Do you understand what is prophetic? Thats about to SHIFT THE BALANCE OF POWER FOR NEW ZEALAND?


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