Important info about every PM since Muldoon – pre-election facts mainstream won’t be telling you

Thanks to Ben Vidgen for his excellent research and to Vinny Eastwood for the video presentation. Here outlined are some important facts you won’t see emphasized in mainstream media, which is why we need to support independent media. We’ve covered some of the data in various posts over the past years, and particularly of interest is the agenda that’s going down, namely Agenda 21 (now 2030) and the push of that by the globalists. Watch this compact fact-filled summary and consider as you weigh things up for this September. And please share the video.


NZ Elections: Does Your Vote Really Count?…/nz-elections-does-you…
A critical analysis of New Zealand’s leaders for the last 40 years! If you believe your vote does count, ask yourself this, why has every Prime Minister since Robert Muldoon belonged to international organizations pushing for an end to national sovereignty and a UN centered world government? And why then, has every single Prime Minister sold this country’s strategic assets to foreigners, gotten us into massive debt, made huge cutbacks in nearly every public service & weakened this country’s sovereignty time after time despite promising the exact opposite to the people of New Zealand?
Research Provided By Ben Vidgen:

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    ….just a wee reminder here (from pre election) as the ‘shiney’ (not) new government that’s really a corporation (& corporations can’t technically ‘govern’ democratically) that’s reneging on all sorts already …. a reminder that your ‘shiney’ new preggie PM & Co are basically globalists all reading from the same page the natz were on (slightly tweaked to suck you in) whilst giving you the illusion of democratic choice… remember they’re about the new world order our new US ‘friends’ have been spouting about since the early ’90s…


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