The 1080 insecticide is not killing 50% of our insects says DOC – and no long term monitoring in sight

More miracles here from DOC. The poison 1080 was created as an insecticide, however DOC claims it isn’t killing insects. Now that is interesting. Listen to what the science said and how DOC got around that. And see how very uninterested they are in the long term monitoring of the death of invertebrates, an integral part of our ecosystem. 

Published on Jul 15, 2014

The late Mike Meads (entomologist) discusses his frustrations with the Department of Conservation’s intentions, and scientific integrity …

PAN Pesticides Database – Chemicals

Data on 1080

Someone here has summarized the situation on DOC’s science quite excellently I thought in a recent comment on our blog:

“Regardless of what killed the kiwi the whole argument can be boiled down with math…
$3.5b spent on 1080
•DOC can’t point to one species in recovery
•Dead kiwi are from 1080 (then 1080 isn’t working)
•Dead kiwi are from predation (then 1080 isn’t working).
•We are dropping enough every year to kill 22m people yet apparently rodents and possums are still present in huge numbers (then 1080 isn’t working).
I’m sorry but I can’t see any result other than 1080 isn’t working.
Let’s try another 3.5b worth of poison on our lands just to be sure since we are using the fire and hope method rather than scientific evidence based research.
I have more native bird song in my five trees in residential Auckland than there were in the video clip from Clive Graf with a councillor in a bush block controlled with 1080.”

Check out the 1080 pages for further info and links to the GrafBoys’ channel.


3 thoughts on “The 1080 insecticide is not killing 50% of our insects says DOC – and no long term monitoring in sight”

  1. I think that part of the problem with a lot of New Zealanders perception of out bird life is head in the sand or total unawareness of the problem because they live in towns and cities where the birds are thriving because there are no 1080 drops in built up area. You can drive the length of NZ and see and hear very few native birds anywhere but in the towns and cities. This irony struck me at the 1080 protest outside parliament with tui’s in abundance in the middle of Wellington and protesters from all over rural New Zealand outweighing the local Wellingtonians. How do we make more city dwellers aware of this issue.

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    1. Good point Helen. It reminds me of a comment not so long ago, a man said he hears more birds in a few trees on his Ak property than in the rural bush … something like that anyway. Same thing anyway as what you’re saying. Praps I should write a post on that some time. I guess we can only raise this point enough that folks will hear it. The Graf boys’ vid points that out, they videoed the 1080 treated & no treated & the difference is stunning. Silence for the treated. Deathly silence. Very very sad.


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