Another homeless man found dead (outside Manurewa Methodist Church)

Words escape me. This is so sad … and ironically outside a church. With all due respect to those in the story who have helped this man, it’s still one of those WWJD moments (what would Jesus do). I rather think that although he didn’t have a home of his own, he would’ve invited him inside nevertheless & given him a bed, some blankets and a pillow. And perhaps a seat by the fire. Very sad. He died within view of the soup kitchen. People this is not the NZ we knew once. This modus operandi is from the halls of our esteemed leaders who are placing profits & the ‘needs’ of corporates above those of the people they are supposed to be serving. These folk organizing soup kitchens and shelters are running on limited funds and the problem is becoming enormous. What makes this crime especially unforgivable is the stock of empty state homes this corporation (parading as a govt) have both land banked and left sitting empty on all manner of other fake pretexts. And they remain steel hearted & unrepentant. It started with Rogernomics, that inroad that was to pave the way for global governance, and they are totally complicit with the plan. Shame on you all with all your tax free perks, riding rough shod over the people you should be helping.

NOTE the image is courtesy of Pixabay and not the man who passed away.


Homeless man found dead outside Manurewa Methodist Church

A homeless man has been found dead, huddled under his sleeping bag at the back of a church – the second known such death of a homeless person in two weeks as a polar blast grips the nation.

The man was found on Tuesday morning as Manurewa Methodist Church set up its weekly soup kitchen for the homeless.

Manurewa mum Beverley Losefa, who organises the soup kitchen, thought he was sleeping in. But when they served the first cup of tea and he still hadn’t risen she became worried.

Police were called and confirmed the man had died, before they cordoned off the area.

Losefa was heartbroken to see the man die without his family. She spoke through tears about how lonely and cold he must have been to take his final breath outside the church they call “the corner of hope”.

“I’d never forgive myself if it was someone I knew. I hope no one loses someone this way,” she said.


One thought on “Another homeless man found dead (outside Manurewa Methodist Church)”

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