Horowhenua council takes millions less than the market value for pensioner housing

“Regardless of how much it sold for, the purpose of the sale was not to make a profit, but to make sure a “sustainable” service was put in place for the council’s existing tennants, Clapperton said. “ ….. yeah right! And that nice word again that all Agenda 2030 ICLEI councils bandy around… “sustainable”… like HDC’s sustainable environmental practices (spraying/discharging sewage over everywhere & into the waterways with impunity).. and “Compassion Horowhenua” (that is really the front company for WILLIS & BOND THE PROPERTY DEVELOPER) is going to build more housing for pensioners (only for 12 years mind)… words escape me. How dumb they must think we all are. Or is it because if you tell porkies long enough everyone will believe you?

from Stuff.co.nz

The Horowhenua District Council was looking to reap a market-value sale price on its pensioner housing, but sold it for millions less.

A document obtained by Stuff reveals the rateable value of the council’s 115 pensioner housing units is $9.2 million.

But, it sold to Compassion Horowhenua for $5.5 million, Stuff confirmed in June.

The document – a proposal about what the council calls a “community housing transfer” – says the council aimed to “receive a fair market value on sale”.

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The council would not confirm how much the housing sold for, but conceded the sale price was less than $7.19 million, the units’ book value.

Council chief executive David Clapperton said the Compassion Housing bid provided the best value for money offer and met its aspirations for ongoing management of the units.

Rateable values are set every three years by Quotable Value.

The book value, made by independent valuers, took into consideration the average age of the portfolio and that 50-60 per cent of the stock would have to be replaced over the next 20-25, years at an estimated cost of $4.3 million, Clapperton said.

Until the sale was complete, possibly by September 30, information about the deal would remain confidential, he said.


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  1. ITS ANOTHER ONE OF THE MANY MANY EXAMPLES OF WHAT IS HAPPENING NATIONWIDE IN NEW ZEALAND. We are at the END of OLD CROANIES RULE! These old farts on Councils need FORCED RETIREMENT AT AGE 60, youre Fired! Or they Military raided CONFISCATION & TRESPASS NOTICES SERVED to remove them! COUNCILS have been dictated by the NZLG gentlemens gay club for too long, and now they are HIJACKED by the CONSEQUENCE OF TPP TPPA & Te TureWhenua Partnership deal – THE CO-OPERATE AGENER TAKEOVER OF COUNCILS – with this UNDERCUT SELLOFF of Pensioner Flats to a COMPASSION Group that is Hopefully Genuine and NOT A CO-OPERATE FOREIGN dirty business – SELL OFF FURTHER TO THE HIGHEST OFF SHORE BUYER! Meanwhile MASS HOMELESSNES OF PENSIONERS who had NO LIFE INSURANCE is appearing, and now the AGED POPULATION 1950s Baby Boomers are LEAVING THEIR COMFORTABLE HOMES to DOWNSIZE into retirement villages for medicating until THEY DIE by the hand of QE nurses & doctor DEATHES! THEIR HOMES ARE BEING sold to the HIGHEST FOREIGN Bidder by dirty Lawyer Solicitors Hijacking the REA Housing Industry! ITS CRIMINAL LAWLESS BEHAVIOUR! MAORI FAMILIES SHOULD HAVE 1st Option to these Houses as should NZ Citizen YOUNG FAMILIES!!!! iTS A DISASTER OF GOVERNMENT NATIONAL PARTY CORRUPTION!

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