Chemtrail: A Social & Geo-Engineering in One, Gov’t Funded, UN Sanctioned Plan


Deliberately blanketing the skies with nanosized heavy metals achieves at least two complementary goals, i.e. weather manipulation and make people brain dead.

Weather manipulation itself has two main objectives:

  1. To simulate “climate change” that will be used to institute “sustainable development” agenda on a global scale previously branded as Agenda 21, now updated to Agenda 2030 as will be announced later this month from the United Nations General Assembly podium by Pope Bergoglio himself!
  2. Deliberately reduces agricultural production to induce famine and hunger in the Third World; raises food prices to keep Western population in perpetual austerity. 


    So, what’s wrong with sustainable development? Isn’t it good for the planet?

    Of course, it is. But what are the methods they are proposing to achieve it?

    • Are they saying that it is high time that we use non-polluting free energy technologies instead of fossil fueled power plants?
    • Are they saying that cold fusion will be used instead of the obsolete nuclear fusion technology?
    • Have you ever heard them say, “We are ready to implement the Meltdown-free Nuclear Technology 1989 Patent by Paul M. Brown [murdered]?


    They want us to reduce carbon emissions by shutting down factories and charge “carbon tax” to feed the greedy Corporatocracy even more. But that’s not all.

    The heavy metals they keep spraying are proven to be in accordance with the overall goal of directly reducing the population that’s been emitting much of the carbon dioxide according to the most ardent population reduction through mass vaccination advocate, Bill Gates ….


Source: Chemtrail: A Social & Geo-Engineering in One, Gov’t Funded, UN Sanctioned