The end game of Agenda 21/30 … there IS a conspiracy & we better wake up to it

This is the best overview of Agenda21/30 and its end game I’ve heard, particularly also because it is very current. David Icke talks about the Glenfell Tower fire in the context of this agenda and explains social cleansing aka gentrification of London city. He also describes human settlement zones, straight from the UN documents. This agenda is not the friendly benign proposal for the future that they make out. Look around you and observe, all you who are distracted by the superficial … the world, instead of looking friendly & benign is looking more and more ominous and ugly by the day. How can a mentality that plans to clear away the poor to make way for the rich, that has allowed a catastrophe like the Grenfell Tower fire to incinerate hundreds of people,  be anything but?  EnvirowatchRangitikei

Published on Jun 23, 2017

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2 thoughts on “The end game of Agenda 21/30 … there IS a conspiracy & we better wake up to it”

  1. Lets educate the Public about the FACTS OF HISTORY & DEPOPULATION PLANNING, and where it all stemmed from to Develop these acts of Terrorism in the millenium age we are seeing. Using the SCALES OF JUSTICE TO JUDGE with methods of 1.Understanding matters 2.Order 3.Balance. The Depopulation plan was developed by BritishAust Scholars/academics/intellectuals alongside their as a MINING & CHEMICAL CULTURE. The numbers financial system has proven to COLLAPSE as they FOCUSED ON RESOURSE OF GOLD, SILVER, PRECIOUS METALS/MINERALS…..Over mining this there is ONLY ENOUGH MONEY for their kkk families LIFESTYLES – so they NEED TO DEPOPULATE a)1st the Indigenous people whom they STEAL ALL THEIR LAND FOR MINING USE & ABUSE, then they depopulate b) their own people according to POOR CLASS, middle & rich singled Out according to THE CENSUS POPULATION COUNT….HOWEVER what THEY FAILED TO CALCULATE WAS Their Courts their Banks their Media Office Administrations – which is THEIR ENTIRE EMPIRE would come to the Closure of its Age for an Extinction Penalty FROM ON HIGH! A PENALTY CONSEQUENCE BY DIVINE ORDER – to military raid & dismantle these OFFICE ADMINISTRATIONS Dirty business….DEPOPULATION Plans to Control the world is crazy adult selfish arrogant behaviour WITH CONSEQUENCES for mankind trying to play God!! WE MUST WORK WITH THE DIVINE ELEMENTS NOT OPPOSE DIVINE NATURE!


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