The property developers who bought the Horowhenua community housing are getting “the deal of the century”

Horowhenua’s pensioner housing sold (Photo Credit: Horowhenua DC)

As we’ve learned since this article below was published by Stuff, the HDC has not exactly highlighted that this deal that is long term and promises wrap around services actually expires in 12 years. This was pointed out by Rob McCann, Labour candidate for Otaki. Add the implications of that to the real deal they are getting and one could be forgiven for thinking they might be land banking, just like the Tamaki Regeneration (aka gentrification) company have. Especially when little mention’s been made to the public on the extra piece of land that goes with the housing (for later provision of possibly even more community housing we’re told). I’ve added comments below from FB’s At the Nua regarding the true bargain the buyers have – plus a copy of the details sent to current tenants of the housing. If all of this is true, Compassion Horowhenua, the company formed one week prior to the sale, will quite likely be laughing all the way to the bank. Well they likely will be in twelve years at any rate. I believe the Horowhenua public may have been thoroughly shafted….

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Horowhenua Council confirms contentious pensioner housing sale largely a done deal

The sale of Horowhenua’s council-owned pensioner housing may be all but a done deal, but it remains a bitter bone of contention in the district.

At a media briefing on Wednesday, the Horowhenua District Council officially announced the sale of its 115 pensioner housing units was expected to be finalised within the next five weeks.


“At the Nua” on FB comments:

” “But the council would not confirm the controversial $5.5 million price tag – well below the property portfolio’s rateable value of $7.19 million. It did, however, concede the sale price was less than that.”

Amongst many favourable aspects to the new owner in this deal…

Actually the sale price is $5.25m – the council are gifting $250k to the new owners for maintenance work on the units! Worse still the rateable value is actually over $9m ($7.19m is the “book value” after the units have been depreciated!). Then there’s a concession clearly given on the fact that someone estimates “a projected $4.3m cost to replace 50-60 per cent of the units in the next 25 years”… next 25 years… you’re kidding right? The transfer of the housing loan ($5.2m) means the new owners get the money free until 2029 – a free $5.2m loan for the next 12 years…”

Here is a link to the details given to tenants of the housing:

Horowhenua cty housing sale




Put it all into context & it’s part of the current trend. World wide, government/corporations are selling off our precious public assets to private corporations. It’s part of the UN plan for global governance under Agenda 21/30. By increments over the past three decades they’ve been whittling away our sovereignty and now of course there’s little left of either. And we’re all knee deep in debt.  Key’s made open slather of it all and if the UN’s plan for global governance is a supposedly better system than what we had then we’d better all wake up fast because the evidence is not stacking up. Teen suicide, homelessness, poverty all on the rise while the wealthy are rolling in it. Can you not see something is really wrong with that picture?






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    Lets educate the Public about the facts – You do realize the we are in a time when the BABY BOOMERS of this PYRAMID SLAVERY WORKFORCE in New Zealand are ALL RETIRING? The Mass numbers of Pensioners now – especially Pakeha are being WRITTEN OFF BY THEIR OWN SYSTEMS PEOPLE Academics, Politicians, Courts,Banks, Media….ALL THEIR DIRTY VOTING FOR NATIONAL & LABOUR PARTY LOSERS is Now reaping a consequence upon their RIGHT TO RETIRE & RIGHT TO ENJOY RETIREMENT PEACEFULLY. WRITING OFF THE PENSIONERS is a Depopulation Plan! Instead they have become OPEN GROUND SLAUGHTER by Winz benefit cuts, Targeted for House sales by dirty Lawyers who have shifted over to HIJACK THE REAL Estate Industry – FOR HOUSE SALES TO FOREIGNERS PROFITS. Mass numbers of Retired person homes are being SOLD to the highest Bidder Daily! Nationwide! ITS LAWLESS OUT OF ORDER! These HOMES SHOULD BE SOLD TO NEW ZEALAND FAMILIES FIRST! As first option! MORE LAWYERS & FOREIGN CO-OPERATE real estate sharks NEED PROSECUTING FOR PUBLIC THEFT MANIPULATION, GAMBLING, MONEY LAUNDERING, SQUANDERING PROFITS for their party lifestyles…..Prison sentences will iron out their selfish arrogance. While this is occurring the DEPOPULATION PLAN FOR PENSIONERS is their own peoples plan! What also DRIVES THEM TO THE GRAVE FASTER is their own QE horse piddle CHEMICAL MEDICATIONS Poisoning the Elderly, mass murder by nurses, doctors….ITS ALL DEPOPULATION PLANS played out openly….I SPY WITH MY ALL SEEING EYE OF JUSTICE….Its great someone knows what dirty PYRAMID Pakeha society is up to in New Zealand!


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