The Grenfell Tower Fire – 500 Dead – The Result of Govt Negligence and Class War

An excellent 5 minute exposé of the rot that has set into a once caring humankind. A must watch in my opinion.

Published on Jun 20, 2017

11 thoughts on “The Grenfell Tower Fire – 500 Dead – The Result of Govt Negligence and Class War”

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    AND . . .
    Queen’s income rises to £82m to cover cost of Buckingham Palace works

    “The Queen is in line for a near-doubling of her income to more than £82m due to a government decision to increase her funding to cover “essential works” to Buckingham Palace.”
    Will that include decorative cladding to make her haunted house castle more appealing? We know where she can get some cheap!


    1. Yes I saw that in the news! I agree it would make her hovel less of an eyesore wouldn’t it, cladding the exterior with that stuff? She’d save in heating too! 😉

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  2. Now I am convinced this fire was no accident at all. These deaths pleased some sick people high positions.

    a comment from this video by #sevengate –

    … talking about the movie ‘Towering Inferno’ ….
    “Yes, it must have been the direct inspiration for the science behind how they engineered that huge inferno…. That took some serious civil engineering to accomplish, they would have had to plan that on a military level.. I think the High Rise Movie cover here, displayed exactly how they wanted to be.. That’s why it looks identical to what transpired.. All buildings are built with fire walls, it would be impossible to get a building to burn like that unless there was highly professional planning involved..

    Also people have to remember that they create fires and explosions all the time in the Hollywood movie industry to create blockbuster action movies… but people forget that these same satanic people have more access to bombs and explosives to cause infernos than anybody else…But nobody even questions what they do with these bombs and explosives outside of making action movies… ( STAGE FALSE FLAGS !) These bombs and explosives are in the hands of the most evil, unethical morally bankrupt people who have a deep devotion for Satan/ Lucifer, that alone tell us everything we need to know to sound the alarm to shut them down..”

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    1. Yes I agree with you FCF. Some of us are aware of what is behind all this stuff, and as you say, many don’t even question it. I think it’s called cognitive dissonance 😉 Incredible stuff to get one’s head around in five minutes. Their tech is way ahead of what we are told and people are highly expendable. Will take a look at your links later (thanks) have seen some like what you’re describing. I spent a good bit of time that first week watching & listening. One of those posts from the action group speaks of asbestos in the building too that media isn’t mentioning. Keep sounding the alarm 🙂

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    2. One item I read or watched talked about the gas alterations and exposed pipes going on before the fire. And it’s highly suss that the fire people visited just a day or two before the fire giving instructions to stay put in their flats.

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