NZ researcher shares facts & figures on geoengineering in Aotearoa

Thanks to South Canterbury Sky Watch for this video with NZ researcher Malcolm Scott explaining aerosol spraying in our atmosphere & over our once clean & green Enzed. Malcolm also describes NZ’s official government/corporation’s response. (ie … “nothing doing here”).
Published on Jun 23, 2017

International March Against Geoengineering, there were numerous events around the world, that gathered people to March Against This Insanity of spraying the atmosphere, the very air you breath, spraying it with next to invisible, nano technology particulates.
Ingredients that DO NOT belong or have any reason, any bodily function what so ever, apart from harm and you have not given YOUR consent as its hushed by YOUR mainstream media, YOUR government and their “alphabet” groups.
YOU have been kept blind by the ones who should be jumping up and down about this.
On the 18th of June 2017, people were getting together around the world, while in Canterbury the PUBLIC SEMINAR, hosted by independent researcher, Malcolm Scott was gathering at Gloucester St, in the heart of “The Garden City”, Christchurch.
Here is a 80minute video of the event, it maybe long but it might be 80 minutes well worth listening too,…. if YOU are UNAWARE of what goes over YOUR head and if YOU are AWARE, im sure you will find this seminar of interest.
Thanks to Malcolm Scott for taking the time to research this topic, as its very complex, its very large and takes many many hours, months and into the years of researching subjects, such as geoengineering.
Thanks to Tony Searles, on your introduction speech. Sorry couldn’t have put this on the video, as sound quality wasnt there.
And thanks to all who attended, not only in Christchurch but those who gathered in the likes of Auckland, New Plymouth, Raglan and other places. Was hoping to add some of the Auckland Street March to the video, but time was my enemy.


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