Have folk noticed an absence of news about the Grenfell Tower fire? It’s been heavily censored by MS including Google, YT, WP and the rest. No surprises there. It’s all about gentrification, and privatization of public assets. That tower was recently clad with inflammable material that emits cyanide when it burns & witnesses say it burned from the outside in. Fires in these blocks apparently are normally contained to the one flat. There were no sprinklers, no fire hydrants, one stairwell for 600+ people, they were instructed just days before the fire to remain in their flats in the event of fire, so people were told not to escape but wait for rescue! They burned alive! Now numbers dead are being suppressed. For literally years the housing action group for Grenfell campaigned & argued for fire safety measures and were ignored (their blog is still online). They warned in November last year that there would be a catastrophe and now their warning has proven true. Folk on the ground are asking for lists of missing, they know the numbers are in the hundreds who have died & we are hearing from MS only 80 odd. MS is covering up & lying. Labour member David Lammy calls it a crime of epic proportions. Donations of clothing etc are just being put into storage say people helping. They believe the death toll is in the hundreds. According to official lists locals have posted there are over 300 unaccounted for. Please share this & other articles on topic that I’ve posted, also from flyingcuttlefish. People on the ground, the locals, are understandably extremely angry & have been protesting and asking for justice & answers. Also hidden on YT. YT is really messing with the live eye witness videos. So many people are waking up to what the tiny minority are doing to the majority, those they consider dispensable – the poor, the marginalized. I believe it’s a really critical time right now on many fronts.

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Where are the 500 Grenfell tower victims?


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