Your govt/corp wants to ensure you are fluoridated

When the corporation (parading as a government) decides to subsidise the delivery of fluoride to your drinking water, whilst turning a blind eye to rabid pollution of your once pristine waterways (it’s called sustainable practice) you can be sure they want you to have it. Currently we guzzle chlorine in our drinking supplies (the new sticking plaster for pollution) which is a carcinogen and beyond the budget of most to filter it out. Same goes for fluoride and anyway we’ve been told it’s all perfectly harmless in spite of the research that’s been done. Like we were once told about smoking, it is ‘good for us’. Most folk however are oblivious and just drink it. Research fluoride (see our Fluoride pages at the main menu) and see how ‘good’ it is for you. In fact it was once used as an insecticide.

Fluoride’s good for us, recommended by the same ‘professionals’ who said smoking was good for us

Government commits $12m to help councils cover costs of fluoridation in water supplies

The Government has set aside $12m in funding, to help with the costs of fluoridation, following new legislation that places the power to put fluoride in town water supplies in the hands of District Health Boards.

Allocated for in the May Budget, the money provided four years of funding for the infrastructure needed to fluoridate more drinking water, Health Minister Jonathan Coleman and Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne announced.

“While New Zealand’s oral health has improved dramatically over the last 30 years, we still have high rates of preventable tooth decay,” said Coleman.

“Public drinking water currently supplies about 85 per cent of the population. Of those on public water supplies, 54 per cent receive fluoridated water.

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“Increasing access to fluoridated water will improve oral health and mean fewer costly trips to the dentist. We know that children have up to 40 per cent less tooth decay in fluoridated areas compared to areas without fluoride.”

The law change was expected to benefit more than 1.4 million New Zealanders who lived in areas where networked community water supplies were not already fluoridated.


Government commits $12m to help councils cover costs of fluoridation in water supplies




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