Abortion Drugs Discovered in Bill Gates’ Vaccines

Disturbing isn’t it and not so far fetched given the powers that be have openly spoken of the need to reduce the world’s population. Right there in plain sight on the Georgia Guidestones (google that). If still in doubt research the Eugenicist movement. You will be surprized. Once openly and shamelessly espoused, it’s gone more underground now. EnvirowatchRangitikei


UNICEF, the World Health Organization, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have been accused of secretly sterilizing millions of women in Africa by doctors in Kenya after abortion drugs were discovered in Tetanus vaccines. Antifertility agents were found in the vaccinations after doctors noticed a sudden boom in infertility rates and became suspicious.The program, which is funded by Bill Gates, has been accused of conducting a mass depopulation experiment on the people of Kenya without their consent.According to LifeSiteNews, the Kenya Catholic Doctors Association say that doctors have uncovered evidence of a mass sterilization program sponsored by the Kenyan government and funded by Bill Gates.

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9 thoughts on “Abortion Drugs Discovered in Bill Gates’ Vaccines”

  1. You all got it wrong. Stop this shameful guerrilla journalism. If you have the resources produce your own vaccine or at the very least conduct a proper scientific enquiry into the whole saga and use the findings to confront WHO and the scientific community.
    Bill Gates sponsors any well-concieved project with general good in mind, he does not manufacture medications.
    My piece.


    1. What’s shameful Patrick is that mainstream is not covering this and I expect they won’t be any time soon. Check out our mainstream media pages where that is openly admitted. And Gates openly espouses (is on video as saying) vaccines can depopulate the world. The ‘general good’ you’ve read about him is from of course, mainstream. They promote the image they want you to see. The article cites the fact it is MDs who raised the alarm on this.


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