New Zealand New Potatoes Contaminated with Roundup

This post from is from 2013 and our esteemed experts are still arguing on a pinhead as to whether it is a health risk … more like stalling for profits. Many independent studies have indicated the severe health risks this product carries in terms of its being carcinogenic. Kiwis who it generally don’t read the research love it. They spray it on everything in complete trust the manufacturers would never lie. Use at your own peril. Check the labels because glyphoste is in most of the herbicides on the outlet shelves. Check out our Glyphosate pages. EnvirowatchRangitikei



New Zealand New Potatoes Contaminated with Roundup

This message just appeared on the forum. We’d like to hear from anyone who’s suffered something similar

Just before you eat the new seasons lovely potatoes consider this.

I have spent the last 2 weeks feeling very unwell. Today I have been diagnosed with Roundup ( G2 which is the strongest) on my spleen and pancreas. If I had breathed this in it would have been on my liver. Therefore I have ingested it. Turns out that it is from new potatoes.

For growers to get top dollar they have to have their produce in the shops early in the season. To be able to harvest the crop they have to kill the green tops other wise it will block the harvester. You cant pick them with green tops.
If I hadn’t been treated I would have had a growth on my spleen affecting Red Blood Cell production which would have eventually led to Leukaemia.

Any wonder we have the highest cancer rate in the world if this sort of practice is allowed to exist.
Clean and Green, 100% Pure. Yeah Right.” source

Apparently, when potatoes are ready for cropping farmer spray the foliage with roundup to kill off the tops and harden off the skin. Something like this…


Source: New Zealand New Potatoes Contaminated with Roundup


We ought to be following Spain’s example:



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