Stand with Pike River Families – Sign the Petition for re entry to the mine

Join 10+K others and sign in support of Pike River families for re entry to the mine. Bill English is planning to seal it, so much for National’s promises. (And if you’re not a Kiwi go to our Pike River pages for further info on the mining disaster that took 29 lives).

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“Twenty-nine men lost their lives when the Pike River mine exploded in 2010. The Government made all sorts of promises to do everything they could to get the boys back.

Instead, late last year, they started to permanently seal the mine without trying to recover any remains or evidence. That’s despite many international mining experts saying the drift – the 2.3km tunnel leading up to the mine – could be safely re-entered and may contain evidence and remains.

The Government wants to seal off Pike River and forget about it. But the families of the men killed there, their communities, and the majority of Kiwis won’t let Pike be forgotten.

Sign the open letter asking Prime Minister Bill English to do the right thing by the families of Pike River and work with them to recover the drift.”

As Bryan Bruce is pointing out here & I couldn’t agree more:

“The government doesn’t stop people climbing mountains because it is dangerous.
Nor does it hesitate to send volunteer New Zealander soldiers to fight in wars where they might get killed.
So the Prime Minister’s “responsibility for safety ” argument is a bit thin.
If qualified mine rescuers are willing to voluntarily enter the mine to see if they can recover any bodies or remains then it seems to me they should be allowed to do so.
The problem for the Government is commercial liability should anything in a recovery attempt go wrong.
I’m sure liability could be waived by the volunteers.
Click on the link below to sign an open letter to Bill English.
Please share to give others the chance to sign.”

Go HERE to sign

8 thoughts on “Stand with Pike River Families – Sign the Petition for re entry to the mine”

  1. This was murder as outlined in John D Christians book which is free online to read. They just want to keep the evidence covered up – they won’t get away with this in the next life – bring on judgement day! Withheld their pay on that day is looking suspicious to say the least!!!!

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      1. Sorry, that was the book I was referring to – John D Christian wrote about the christchurch earthquake being judgement of god and outlined compelling reasons for this – to date that city is still rocking! I had the wrong author!


    1. Cathy a google search brings up nothing for John Christian. Can’t find him anywhere even on alternate SEs. He may have been deleted from the searches. Also much points to the quake being man made. We know they have the technology to wreak havoc.


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