NZ has a rocket base that’s received $25 million Govt funding & is financially supported by the world’s largest weapons trader, Lockheed Martin

The new rocket launch-pad at Mahia NZ …  Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Rocket Lab is an American aerospace corporation launching out of New Zealand

Did you know that NZ now has a rocket base? This news seems to have flown under the radar for many. I only noticed it myself a month or so ago. The base is actually situated in Mahia on the East Coast of the North Island, however it was originally planned for the South Island at Kaitorete Spit near Christchurch, also near Birdling Flat and the Radar/Haarp Station there (more on NZ Haarp here and here). The length of time obtaining consents appears to have been the deciding factor about a change in tack.  Rocket Lab noted one thing that prevented it from launching close to Christchurch which was the need for a cultural impact assessment from the council. A decision was made to locate the launch pad at Mahia instead. A cultural impact assessment (CIA) is …

“… a report documenting Māori cultural values, interests and associations with an area or a resource, and the potential impacts of a proposed activity on these. CIAs are a tool to facilitate meaningful and effective participation of Māori in impact assessment.”

So who is behind Rocket Lab?

Rocket Lab is a private company, with major investors including Khosla Ventures, Bessemer Venture PartnersLockheed Martin and K1W1.

Rocket Lab’s financial backers include Silicon Valley venture capitalists, Sir Stephen Tindall’s K1W1 investment fund and Lockheed Martin. It has received up to $25 million of government funding over five years. SOURCE

The company of particular note there is Lockheed Martin:

Lockheed Martin is one of the largest companies in the aerospace, defense, security, and technologies industry. It is the world’s largest defense contractor based on revenue for fiscal year 2014.[5] In 2013, 78% of Lockheed Martin’s revenues came from military sales;[6] it topped the list of US federal government contractors and received nearly 10% of the funds paid out by the Pentagon.[7] In 2009 US government contracts accounted for $38.4 billion (85%), foreign government contracts $5.8 billion (13%), and commercial and other contracts for $900 million (2%).[8]

Last November (2016) saw the ‘celebration’ of the NZ Navy’s 75th year.

The launch pad is stated in the following article to be,  environmentally friendly, which is heartening indeed given our environment that masquerades as ‘clean and green’ still is in reality pretty much trashed.  And regarding partnership with the world’s “largest defense contractor, let’s not kid ourselves, can never be termed ‘friendly’ in any sense of the word, given the carnage we are witnessing daily in terms of civilian deaths, if you happen to read alternative media that is.  The US is a nation that has taken defense to its ‘finest’, witness the armchair ‘warriors’ who expunge families with small children from thousands of miles away with drones. Lest you think I am being too harsh on these entrepreneurial people who will no doubt be supplying jobs to local folk (the usual candy cum rationale proffered by corporations) the deciding factor for me is the funding from the said weapons corporation. They won’t be helping fund this because they’re really keen to supply Gisborne locals with employment. We all know this is not the way of corporations. Neither will the Government/corporation be …  corporations are about profits not people. If the Government really had a mind to help people they would not make hard working families on minimum wage pay more tax than themselves.  Neither would they let corporations off with tax. To see how much they are let off watch Bryan Bruce’s ‘Mind the Gap’ doco on child poverty.

Madeleine Albright is on record as saying the death of 500K Iraqi children was ‘worth it’

Mainstream media tends to not overly highlight the deaths of little children and their parents in the many global conflicts. It gives war a bad name and they, including our Government/corporation, prefer to re frame and name it as ‘defense’. This is what John Key committed $20 billion of your money to last year (Kiwis) … not war … ‘defense’. They are defending us from Isis and similar terrorist threats that their friends in the US helped to create.  And the US’s Madeleine Albright thinks the death of 500,000 Iraqi children was still “worth it”. The British Royals are not averse to trading in weapons either. 

Lockheed Martin is the world’s largest weapons manufacturer and supplier to such regimes as Saudi Arabia, a country that today stands accused of using these very weapons to commit war crimes.
NZ Herald 14.06.2016

On Tuesday 27 September 2016 a member of the public in Wairoa expressed concerns at the Wairoa District Council meeting:

The person “…..enquired as to when the first rocket will be launched and what assurances Council has that satellites launched won’t be used for spying or military activities…. Rocket Lab has installed the launch platform at the private orbital launch under development on Māhia Peninsula. The installation of the almost 50 ton platform is the final major step in preparing the site for the arrival of the first electron launch vehicle, scheduled to be tested in the coming months. The New Zealand Government has announced the development of a new regulatory regime for space and high altitude activities. It will ensure the development of a peaceful, safe, responsible and secure space industry that meets New Zealand’s international obligations.” SOURCE

Now that should put all of our minds at rest. The NZ Govt  “will ensure the development of a peaceful, safe, responsible and secure space industry that meets New Zealand’s international obligations.”

Nothing to see here ….

Anyway, that said, here is an article from 2015 on the launch pad:

Rocket Lab chief commits to protect environment

The company proposing a rocket launch pad on Canterbury’s coast says it is committed to protecting the environment.

Rocket Lab’s proposed site on Kaitorete Spit was officially unveiled this morning in front of Prime Minister John Key and representatives from the Department of Conservation.


John Key and Rocket Lab chief executive, Peter Beck, at the proposed site for new launch pad.
John Key former PM and Peter Beck, CE of Rocket Lab at the originally proposed site near Christchurch    Photo: RadioNZ

You may well be asking, why a rocket launch pad?

“Rocket Lab’s mission is to remove the barriers to commercial space by providing frequent launch opportunities to low Earth orbit. Since its creation in 2006 by Peter Beck, Rocket Lab has delivered a range of complete rocket systems and technologies for fast and affordable payload deployment.”

Blessing of the site

View a video of the blessing of the site in 2015 from the Gisborne Herald:


“THE final frontier could be conquered as early as next June, when Rocket Lab expects to begin launching test rockets into space from its Mahia Peninsula site. For Rocket Lab founder and chief executive Peter Beck, launching his first 16m Electron rocket into space from what will be the world’s first commercial orbital launch site is a life-long dream.”

On Saturday the remote site on Onenui Station was blessed and the lease agreement signed between Rocket Lab and the landowners — representatives of Tawapata South Incorporation.


So we in NZ are now third highest in the developed world for child poverty. We had 41K homeless last time I looked, and 33K empty homes in Auckland belonging to people who don’t even live here. This is the way of Neo-Lib economics. It doesn’t care about children, it doesn’t care about families, it doesn’t care about the vulnerable. NZ has spent $25 million on this pad, the country that is now a haven for the rich who seek to escape the fallout from their oppressive economic activity… and in light of all that, a rocket launch pad is great news. It really reminds me of a recent meme I saw. A politician leans in to a sleeping homeless man and says … “wake up … I’ve got a tax break for you”.


Banker Key is Quietly Oiling the US War Machine

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  1. It’s astonishing just how evil they all are. All they think about is money. Fuck the planet, fuck the people, whether you own the land or not, they’ll take it. And they love it that people are homeless. That way, they die sooner, so keep costs down. 😡

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    1. We also live in Mahia, but are not told anything from Rocket Lab. It will be interesting to see what happens with they put an exclusion zone in stopping locals/visitors from fishing…. Our Council needs to STOP spending rate payers money on viewing platforms and signs until they have been successful .. we do know that Atea 1 was lost when rocket lab let this off and still has not been found….locals have heard that they are having trouble with the electron and that they have 5 weeks to launch …. we watch with interest….


      1. Thanks for the feedback Another Local! I found the submissions last night & will post them here in due course. (Found on Parliamentary website for the Bill hearings). One person did raise that point re fishing. Is an exclusion zone going to happen then? I also note the articles (some) say locals were consulted. Do you know if folks felt they were consulted? And do you know if there was a Cultural Impact Assessment done? It appears it was a very quick consent grant by the Council which suggests to me praps there wasn’t. Do keep us posted as I’ll follow this as I learn more.


      2. Kia ora Pam, make sure you get hawkes bay regional council resource consent application. Notice the lack of environmental impact assessments? where are they ??? Rocket lab only consulted with a select few… there are many shareholders but only a few trustees … (Peter Beck will only deal with the decision makers) Rocket lab came and consulted with the shareholders after everything was signed off… yes there was a cultural report (I think a couple of lines) We were told by rocket lab at a community meeting that the reason they pulled out of christchurch is because of the hassle of getting an exclusion zone.

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  2. We’re owners of the trusts who own the land where rocketlab is located. The stakeholders involved have not been forthcoming with information about the rocket etc. or our land interests. It’s all very fishy.


    1. I’m sorry to hear that macpeka! Contact me using the contact form if you’d like me to write a post about that. (It wouldn’t be right away, next month some time). Let’s air their modus operandi (without breaking any laws of course). Do you know if they did a cultural impact assessment?


  3. Kia ora Another Local … what you say doesn’t surprize me. It’s how these folks operate. They sit very nicely with our new corporate councils.Their official definition of ‘consultation’ as per LG documentation is very different from the average person in the street. Something I recently discovered. Make the decision , then ‘consult’. And yes, will check the assessment reports etc.


  4. Apologies people, I had hoped to research & write more on this however finding time has been difficult. I will eventually, & thanks for your patience. 🙂



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    1. LOL thanks for the reminder futuret 😉 Yes. Just had to get my elderly cat put to sleep forever sadly. And yes all that other stuff you mention. THanks for looking out 🙂

      I actually do have several things people have written to me about privately. There are some horrendous things that have been done to people & would like to cover them. I will come summer with more time available.

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  6. wow we can pay for a rocket launch but not $$ to figure out how to recycle all our plastic crap, or turn hemp into plastic to solve our plastic addiction or safely deal with dead tyres….and so on

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