Kapiti Coast DC’s sham consultation – see LG’s definition of consultation, it’s not what you think

More (what I call) dodgy District Council goings on here, and just down the line. To learn what LG’s definition of ‘consultation’ is go to this link: https://issuu.com/contrafed/docs/lg_dec_1612_issuu/24 It differs somewhat from the person on the street’s I’d say.

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As was observed in several posts last year, the council’s bureaucratic elite spends huge amounts of Ratepayers’ money on expensive outside consultants, usually Auckland based.  Their ideas are then turned into plans and pursued.  Period.

There are multiple ‘consultation’ documents on different topics released each year, full of expensively produced fancy graphics, because there is a requirement under the Local Government Act (see this post) that the public are consulted.  But it’s apparent that the most that can be expected from this process is minor tweaking. The substance will remain unchanged.

What happens after tens of millions of dollars are squandered on useless projects?  No problem, they’ll just tax the Ratepayers even more to repeat that. In the ten years from 2006 to 2016 our own Rates including the water charges went up 61% — general inflation in that same time was 20%.  A real increase of 41%.


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2 thoughts on “Kapiti Coast DC’s sham consultation – see LG’s definition of consultation, it’s not what you think”

  1. Spot on! I was in Council (elected) for 3 years, and it’s revealing to see from the inside just how the bureaucratic machine works. “Consultation” means – sit there, listen to what we’re doing, now piss off – and often doesn’t take place at all. Cronyism and collusion, MOUs, and stakeholders are all part of the game, and lingo used to mislead the ratepayers. The bureaucrats most certainly run the system. They often mislead the elected reps. If the balance of voting goes against them (by some miracle) they manipulate, patronise, and persevere their way through the term, until the next election. And then they hope the new crop will be the conforming, easily fooled, naive politicians that will hold the voting balance around the table – like in most terms.

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    1. Thanks for the inside view Clyde. You confirm what I suspected & have gleaned from others also. We had whistleblowers on that here, the coercion on how to vote particularly. Here’s just one of them (he lost his position as DM because of this … partly anyway) https://envirowatchrangitikei.wordpress.com/2016/10/03/horowhenua-district-crs-are-told-how-to-vote-a-cr-speaks-out/ And Horowhenua as you likely know is in disarray because the new Mayor was one of the whistleblowers on many issues. Talk about cat amongst the pigeons.


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