The Recent Free Range Cage Eggs Scam Goes Back to 2011

A timely look at the passing off in NZ of cage eggs as free range. Scams abound peoples. I personally buy locally produced eggs from the market. Remember corporations think nothing of lying. Watch ‘The Corporation’ movie for proof of that. (Can be found on our Corporations page).


Non-Toxic Nest

I would like to make it clear the following contains my opinions only. For legal reasons, this is an abridged version of my original post.

I’ve bought Glenpark Woodland free range eggs for years. They weren’t the most expensive free range eggs out there, but I assumed that was because they were non-organic. They were certainly more expensive than Pams free range eggs, and seemed a bit more reliably free range.

Turns out, I’m a sucker for good marketing.

Glenpark Woodland eggs are not what I would call free range, and they’re also not a company I would ever want to support.

To start with, the Glenpark brand is owned by Mainland Poultry. Yes, the company that owns the largest battery hen sheds in the country, and is responsible for what in my eyes amounts to animal welfare abuses in the photos below.

Chicken from Mainland Poultry farm Hen from Mainland Poultry farm


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6 thoughts on “The Recent Free Range Cage Eggs Scam Goes Back to 2011”

  1. Sadly I haven’t been able to “google” share your post. I press the share button and a google help page appears. Copy link and then post link to page is how I have been sharing. Not sure if its me or here. Grateful for any help and the continued informative posts. cheers.

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    1. Hi jacenz75, thanks for your comment and all your ‘likes’. I notice! Appreciated. This is not surprizing currently with google. We’ve had a few problems highlighted of late which I’ll be eventually addressing in another post. Thank you for making the additional effort to share 🙂

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  2. Keep up the good work in exposing the lies of unscrupulous businesses. You can guarantee that they will respond by hiring expensive lawyers to not only continue their lies, but to bully and intimidate those who seek to expose them. But there is strength in unity!

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    1. Yes indeed Waikanae watcher. And thanks for your comment. I see the lying is more brazen now. It’s a good few years since the school girls found GSK guilty of lying about the Vit C in Robena, shocking back then, now it’s all ho hum. As you say they have lawyers to defend their unscrupulous behaviour. We do need to keep them accountable. Their word is wearing somewhat thin!


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