During the 1980s, three mysterious ads in the Sydney Herald foretold Australia’s current micro chipping of its citizens

From NaturalNews late last year:

“Your body is no longer yours: Australia has become the first country to microchip its citizens

You may not have noticed, but there are two kinds of countries in the world these days: Dictatorships led by authoritarians and democracies that are slowly being taken over by authoritarians. Put Australia into the latter.

Organic & Healthy reports that the land Down Under has become the first nation to begin microchipping its citizens, though NBC News predicted some years ago that, by 2017, Americans would all be microchipped.”

You can read the rest of that article at this link (note unless you are familiar with this topic you will need to read it for the background information):


The Micro Chip

An implantable microchip the size of a grain of rice (Photo: Wikimedia)

On reading the above article only recently,  it reminded me of the late Kiwi evangelist/investigative author, Barry Smith whose lectures I heard in the Rangitikei during the 1970s. He caught on to this subject through his Biblical research (mark of the beast in Revelations) & although termed conspiracy at the time by many, he warned people that this was coming. Before we ever heard it called the ‘new world order’ he was traveling and  speaking both nationally and internationally on this topic (global governance aka one world government) from the 1970s through to 2002 when he passed away. The microchip topic has been popping up on a fairly regular basis courtesy of mainstream media, getting all the world’s citizens used to the idea for quite some time now. Decades in fact.

Being the days before the internet, and because he was traveling a lot, he gathered many newspaper clippings along the way. Folks also sent these to him from their respective countries. Of course he was traveling and lecturing during the era when Rogernomics and the big experiment wrecked our country seeing full employment and full sovereignty gone by increments. Those traitors who introduced these treasonous economic policies were given high paying jobs abroad when their terms ended. To read all of this information including the clippings, you can obtain his books online at his website or find them in second hand stores. I obtained almost all of them in a Christchurch online second hand book site. His first book was called ‘Warning’. You will also find his many lectures posted on Youtube.

On topic, I’ve captured a curious chapter in his second to last book called ‘Final Notice’. In it he describes (as he also did in his second book ‘Second Warning’) the appearance of a mysterious ad in the Sydney Morning Herald … in fact there were three … one in ’83, another in ’84 and the last in ’85. He describes the whole process in 5 stages. (Apologies for the quality of scans).

The Barcodes

Remember these were very new then.

1. microchip0008

2. microchip0009.jpg

3. microchip0009.jpg

4. microchip0009.jpg

EFTPOS (electronic fund transfer at point of sale)

5. microchip0011.jpg


This image appeared mysteriously in the Sydney Morning Herald on  1st October 1983 with no explanation or caption

In the original citation of the ’83 image above, Mr Smith said his friend rang the Herald’s editor asking for an explanation. I quote:

“Editor: ‘No comment’
Assistant Editor: ‘No Comment’
The artist was away on holiday so readers waited five months for the explanation; their minds psychologically prepared.” (Page 22 of ‘Second Warning).

These images appeared in explanation of the  fourth image entitled ‘Don’t leave home without it’

THE EXPLANATION (Quoted from page 24):

“The Sydney Morning Herald reported on 15th February 1984 on page 9 an article entitled, 

“Cashless, paperless … defenceless”

I quote herewith some extracts. If your mind boggles, don’t be surprised for so did mine. 
Printed again at the top of the article is that picture of the man with the bar code on his head. Got it? First printed in October 1983, then after five months, thus allowing the sub-conscious consideration by readers, it appears again, this time with an explanation.
Quote: “The cashless society is approaching, faster than most people realize. Financial institutions are spending an estimated $800 million on  a grandiose scheme where cash and cheques will be replaced by electronic impulses. The government has given its silent nod of approval, as the elimination of cash is seen as the only way to combat tax fraud, the drug trade and all other cash-based crimes.
– In April Westpac will launch the world’s first national retail electronic funds transfer (EFT) network in conjunction with Woolworths, Food Plus and BP”. 

This is the world’s first. Apparently Australia is to be the test case.”


6. microchip0011.jpg


7.  microchip0011.jpg

The Laser Gun & the Female Dummy

1. Intro microchip0005.jpg

2. Intro microchip0005.jpg

3. Intro. microchip0005.jpg

8. microchip0011.jpg

9. microchip0011.jpg

10a. microchip0012.jpg

Card Plan Four Years Old: Lange

A Smart Card 2.jpg

B1 Smart Card

In 1991 I clipped the above data from a NZ newspaper dated 13th Sept regarding the proposed introduction of a smart card and revelations by David Lange. Note former (albeit very briefly) PM Jenny Shipley has her finger in this pie as she was involved with the introduction (foisting others have called it) of the alternative ID on the unsuspecting Kiwi public in the form of our photo ID drivers licenses. Ian Wishart has also written about this in his book ‘The God Factor’. I will cover this in a future post. Also related, see our Agenda 21/30 pages at the main menu.

Note also, regarding Barry Smith, he tells in his books & lectures of being invited by at least one NZ politician of the day to discuss these end time events as described Biblically in the books of Revelation and Daniel. The meeting/s with the politician were private … the politician wished to remain anonymous.


Japanese city tags elderly dementia sufferers with barcodes



‘The Day the Dollar Dies’ (cited by Barry Smith) by Willard Cantelon, also by the same author, ‘Money Master of the World’ & ‘New Money or None?’ (all available at second hand book sites).

PHOTO: (header) Wikimedia



25 thoughts on “During the 1980s, three mysterious ads in the Sydney Herald foretold Australia’s current micro chipping of its citizens”

  1. The information can go either way. From the chip or into the chip thereby controlling the thoughts, words and deeds of the human. Effectively the human becomes a controlled robot. The next stage is to take that human onto being a cyborg. The goal: to eliminate from the DNA/RNA consciousness of our “divine” heritage. This is alien technology. It is run from off planet.

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  2. As always a very interesting article. I have to admit that I found the recent chipping in Australia, along with mandatory vaccination very disturbing. However I wonder if the microchipping is a bit of a distraction, making people feel they do have a choice. I believe non consented microchipping Has/is occurring already in the general public via aerosol spraying in the atmosphere.

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    1. Yes it is occurring as you say Kay. Additionally I have seen video footage of the interview of Filipino people who said they were being chased down in remote villages and forcibly implanted with chips. Vulnerable. Disturbing about Aus alright!


  3. I first met Barry in 79. Been to many of his speaking tours.Watching all this unfold since then. Shame he is not here to keep everyone informed.


    1. Oh, so true Yvonne. I wish he were here too. Have you watched his old footage on YT? I notice some folks are featuring him with little clips in current vids on topic.


  4. It’s interesting times we are living in, with this technology already here, globalism and the war on cash. I was given Barry Smith’s book to read by my aunt in Otorohanga. It made me look at things in NZ with new eyes after that.
    You are right about Jenny Shipley. I remember her trying to foist an ID card on us. It was an IMF directive. Then when we all found out about it, our lifetime drivers licenses were changed to photo id instead.
    She came into a boutique in the local area where my daughter was working. She was rude to my daughter, who’d been brought up to have manners and be polite. It was probably because my daughter didn’t know she was. So I gave my daughter her treasonous history.


    1. Yes it was a sneaky way around it. They cleverly switch to alternatives after assuring everybody all’s good. They really can’t be trusted any more IMO. And I hear a lot of folks say they either heard Barry Smith or read his books or both.

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        1. I think Barry Smith was here to sound the alarm. And now he’s gone we’re getting earthquakes to punctuate his warnings!
          I’ve been monitoring where the quakes have been happening, the meaning of the locations, and events happening around those dates.
          Christchurch, self explanatory – represents the Church, especially with the wrecked cathedral.
          Seddon represents the authority of the government in NZ, and his statue is outside the parliament buildings. The first Seddon earthquake happened on the weekend before same sex marriage became legal.
          Eketahuna represents us Kiwis. It has a big Kiwi statue, to represent that it is a stereotypical rural NZ town, “the real New Zealand.”
          With Kaikoura, the number two figured prominently. Two huge earthquakes happened simultaneously, involving two different plates, at two minutes after midnight, that lasted two minutes, with two people dead, affecting two islands, and the land underwent a two-metre shift south of Marlborough.
          At the time, John Kerry met John Key and Murray McCully about Israel and the two state solution. (We should send them the earthquake bill!)
          After the earthquake, NZ put forward a motion about Israel in the UN Security Council on the 23rd of December 2016.
          You’d think we’d have better things to worry about by then.
          My husband thinks that it’s up to us to sound the alarm now that Barry Smith has gone.

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    1. Great to hear 🙂 Agree, many folks have. I just re read one of them describing his early call in the ’70s where he said he wanted to warn his fellow Kiwis of what was to come. That’s what drove him to spend the rest of his life sharing the message. Thanks for sharing that 🙂


      1. Often wish he were still here to see all he talked about taking place. And to hear his updates. I heard him speak around 2001 in NZ for the last time. Anyone who’s interested, can find his books on the christianvaluebooks website in Christchurch. And his family site.

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