Chlorine in drinking water first linked to heart attacks and stroke in the 1960s & now cancer … so why is it still in our drinking water?

Look at the independent research people. Water supplies world wide are producing negative health effects with major scares going on. Chlorine is the new sticking plaster for all the polluted waterways. However it is carcinogenic. We are being slowly poisoned. Many families will not know this, and many if they do know, will not be able to afford to filter it out. See our Water pages and share this information. 


(NaturalHealth365) Numerous studies are showing a link between chlorine intake and cancer, heart attacks and other negative health effects.

This occurs when chlorine byproducts trigger harmful free radicals in the body and inhibit other cellular processes. While drinking water with chlorination causes the most damage, cooking and bathing with it can also expose you to negative health effects.  Keep in mind, the lungs and skin can be just as sensitive as internal organs.

Showering in chlorinated water poses an even greater risk as it is absorbed quickly and directly into the bloodstream through the skin

The practice of chlorination has been used since the 1800s, although it didn’t become a standard until the early 1900s. It’s utilized primarily because it is the cheapest way to disinfect large amounts of water. However, it is far from the safest.  In fact, using chlorine in water  is like pouring bleach in it.

Drinking water with chlorine can elevate cancer risk by up to 93 percent

The U.S. Council of Environmental Quality has estimated that cancer risk among those who drink
 chlorinated water can be up to 93 percent higher than those who don’t.

A 1960s book by Dr. Joseph Price called “Coronaries Cholesterol Chlorine” was one of the first publications to expose the connection between chlorine and a higher risk of stroke and heart attack.  Test animals exposed to chlorinated water during research studies showed at least some levels of circulatory or heart issues, whereas those not exposed to this toxic element showed no evidence of these problems. Chickens exposed to chlorinated water showed evidence of overall poor circulation as well as drooping in their feathers, lethargy, and visible shivering.

By contrast, animals not exposed to chlorine show better growth rates and much more vigorous overall health. (This is an indicator that pets and farm animals should also be given non-chlorinated water)


32 thoughts on “Chlorine in drinking water first linked to heart attacks and stroke in the 1960s & now cancer … so why is it still in our drinking water?”

    1. Exactly Stuart. We have a community where I live trying to get clean water. Ours is full of chlorine so we have to filter or distill. And the alarming thing is low income families … many will not know or won’t be able to afford alternatives. It is very criminal IMO.

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      1. They want us to die so they can take our numbers off the jobless list….2 million people no longer claiming benefits looks good on paper

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      1. well i prefer that, you can add minerals etc , to chlorine, fluoride & the multiple other chemicals I see at the bottom of my distiller every batch 🙂


        “Distilled Water is a pure water. A lot of people have been mislead into believing that it robs minerals out of the body. Well, in my life, I’ve been DRINKING DISTILLED WATER FOR 35 YEARS. University of California Los Angeles, several years ago, told me I had the bone density of a 22 year old athlete. So, if in fact Distilled Water robbed the body of minerals, I would probably be crippled by now”

        —Dr. Brian Clement, from the video, “Why Choose Distilled Water?”


    1. Get some pH test drops and see how highly acidic distilled water is. Inflammation and sickness like an acidic environment… most people believe it if they see it… 💦💦

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      1. Better to test the pre distilled tap water. At the end of distilling I collect a good 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of white sludge. Great for the kidneys. Whole populations are drinking that without even knowing it. Water supplies full of carcinogenic chlorine among other chemical soups they add in. I’ll be carrying on with my distiller thanks.


  1. Kangen water is the Living water, lots of antioxidant, alkaline, best hydration and without chemical.
    Video’s clip about water:
    Thank you

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