College Student Gets HPV Cancer 18 Months After Receiving Gardasil Vaccine, then Declines Chemo & Heals Herself with Natural Means

Here is the incredible testimony of a young woman who against all odds survived the medical system that appears not only to have harmed her with a vaccine (the vaccine was followed by ongoing debilitating illness) but also to have caused her to contract life threatening cancer. This smart woman, having already lost several family members from cancer, then declines the standard offering of radiation and chemotherapy which only works 3% of the time, and did her own research on cures. She came up with the Gerson therapy and treated herself all the way to wellness, at her own expense. A must listen and clear proof of the miserable success rate the standard mainstream medical and pharmaceutical industry can offer you. We ought all to learn from this woman and follow suit. Learn further on how the medical industry was heisted in the early part of the twentieth century by wealthy people, resulting in the treatment of symptoms. A veritable cash cow. Our key to health is a strong immune system, not what is currently offered in the form of vaccines, pills and artificial chemicals. See our Cancer pages for further info and learn of other success stories, and watch the video here for the full story told by this brave young woman who has beaten the death sentence.



Published on Jan 9, 2017

Erin was a completely healthy college student who was asked to take Gardasil as part of a trial. Within 24 hours she was violently sick, vomiting, and went on to develop Cervical cancer within 18 months, the very thing the vaccine was supposed to protect her from.

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  1. Erin was one brave lady, wow . To be admired and people need to take notice of what she has done and what she is saying now. Fancy the oncologist saying it was a miracle, no thanks to him


  2. My sister ( 8 yrs ago)meet dr Gersons daughter when she was stage 4 after leaving the mayo clinic in florida who offered a revolutionary 3 pronged Chemo treatment to extend her life up to 8 months max otherwise they suggested getting organised within a month she would die. She found the Gerson treatment to extend her life quite enjoyably until the last 2 months for a staggering 13 months. I learnt a great deal about cancer over this time and about the body’s immune system . Cancer thrives on sugar, fat, salt, protein I guess in that order. You don’t die from cancer but the waste your body is exposed to living inside your body .

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    1. Thanks for commenting Cat. I’m glad to hear your sister managed to prolong her life. This is all certainly a learning curve for so many, myself included. Like most we thought it was incurable. So good the word is getting out now, especially too about prevention. Truth, sugar especially is a building block of cancer it’s said.

      Condolences regarding your sister. 😦


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