Key’s ‘great’ legacy … UNICEF ranks NZ third highest in the developed world for child poverty … guess who ranks first?

This is shocking data. Are we surprised though? Really?  Key has been minimizing the impact of his neo-liberal economics package upon the lower echelons of this increasingly lop sided state of affairs we have for some time now. See the myth that trickle down economics is and see the stark reality of what it causes, right here in these statistics. Children of the ‘great’ nations of US and Great Britain the latter once

Copy of childrens-shoe-1728295_1280.jpg
Let Kiwi kids eat cake

heralding“civilization, peace and good government and knowledge of ‘the true God'” (British Parliamentary Papers, 1837) and then little old NZ, now ranking third highest in child poverty!  Here we are in a return to the Dickensian era. And Key has scarpered off to Hawaii to escape the heat. Hanging out no doubt in the $6 mill mansion purchased under his watch while back here we have 40K+ homeless sleeping in cars and garages.

The opulant Key who voted against free lunches for NZ kids

This Unicef paper can be accessed and downloaded via the link provided if you care to read the whole truth. It stems particularly from the 2008 debacle with the economic roulette brigade in Wall Street. That is what they are. Key will remember of course, being a banker and suspected of inside trading with our obscene debt. And having been somewhat involved historically with Wall Street.  Read The Wall Street Gang by Richard Ney. Or The Secret History of the American Empire by John Perkins, especially if you are still of the persuasion the spin doctors are spinning, ‘the economy is stable’.  All that is spinning people is our wheels. These characters are growing richer by the day. Economic recessions, notable people have been telling us for some time now, are scientifically created.

“Under the Federal Reserve Act, panics are scientifically created. The present panic is the first scientific one, worked out as we figure a mathematical equation.” (Congressman Charles A. Lindbergh, The Economic Pinch, 1921.)

They are not the result of unknown forces, the lie we’ve been fed for centuries …  the vagaries of ‘the market’. Key and his cronies are by design taxing you 28% and themselves 2.8%. And should you work a second job to feed your family you will be taxed in the vicinity of 33% for that as well. If they had the will to, they could change that and fix poverty overnight. They are relying on your preoccupation with all the bread and circuses they are providing to keep you from knowing what is really going on here.

Our former PM John Key who grew up in a state house we’re told … a legacy of the post WW2 Labour Govt that he has been selling off like there’s no tomorrow, along with other assets Photo Credit: the Green Party

He who controls the money of a nation controls the nation (US President James Garfield 1881)

When you are done reading the UNICEF report, read our Banking/Money Trail and Agenda 21/2030 pages (be sure to check the sub pages) to see what is really going on. You won’t hear this in mainstream media. Then a must watch, check out Bryan Bruce’s documentary (also embedded below) on child poverty and see then if you still think your government which is really a corporation is not corrupt. Find related articles under ‘categories’ . And please do share this article and spread the word about all the untruths we’ve been told. Use the share buttons at the bottom of the page! Follow us & receive further updates. 




“The data and observations in this Innocenti Report Card reveal a strong and multifaceted relationship between the impact of the Great Recession on national economies and a decline in children’s well-being since 2008. Children are suffering most, and will bear the consequences longest, in countries where the recession has hit hardest.”


Inside Child Poverty, Documentary by Bryan Bruce

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11 thoughts on “Key’s ‘great’ legacy … UNICEF ranks NZ third highest in the developed world for child poverty … guess who ranks first?”

  1. WOW – it’s all I have

    I bought a child up on my own in NZ – and it was KILLER. The last couple of years of hyperinflation saw my food budget dwindle to a point where rice or potatoes were often my evening meal … and I was working for a living. I got to a point where I thought, as long as my daughter and three pets were fed, I was ok. As long as we had enough wood (which became driftwood eventually), we were ok… I often wondered how those forced out of having open fires (after the quakes) got along. I watched the elderly with grid related heat pumps and astronomical electricity prices and counted my lucky stars.
    My daughter went out on her own (flatting) and one year later she has come home, skinny – so very skinny that I cried. I try to compare the NZ I grew up in (abundance) to the one my daughter is trying to navigate – wow Pam – no comparison AT ALL. These kids are eating shit from employers, and have no idea what the good life really is. Struggling on 3 or 4 hours a day pay and doing shity jobs that most would have turned their noses up at in our day.

    God help us

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    1. Thanks so much for your feedback Rose. You’ve done the hard yards that’s for sure. I too recall, late 80s, particularly early 90s when all benefits were slashed by $50 pwk. I was at the tail end of almost free Uni fees & finishing my degree as a solo parent. I remember the angst, heart rending. Little food in the cupboards. They wrenched us suddenly from plenty to near zilch. And it’s only ever got worse in the ensuing 20 yrs. I do feel for the kids now … I’m hearing suicide and despair, especially at their reception from WINZ, the once caring arm/safety net of capitalism. Real sad eh? From full employment to this start poverty. While the fat cats lounge around on ridiculously high salaries, clearly bribery for the shoddy underhand ‘work’ they are doing. Grr. You right too, “God help us”. And something’s gotta give soon I’m sure. I have my thoughts bout why Key has skived off to realms unknown. The weasel. Deserves the penalty they once had for treason that was apparently removed prior to Rogernomics. Interesting eh?

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      1. Your reference to suicide and WINZ – we have had a young man from Kaikoura taking a break with us (refugee). He attempted suicide before he was finally let out of Kaikoura (needed photo id to leave!)

        He now has food in his belly, a new home and a job. A lovely young man. If only folk that had the extra would put their hearts out to these young people.

        Tens of thousands homeless in wellington alone… most aren’t even talking about that.

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        1. 😦 OMG. An ID! This is Police State Rose! Why did they do that? And Wgtn, didn’t know there were that many there. So glad you were able to help the young man. I expect that is what will be happening now as people find out. So many not aware but it’s getting too big to remain hidden.


      2. The young man I mention was working in kaikoura before the quakes – he woke up one morning and his job and all that went with it was gone. No one seems to care anymore.

        Shame on the powerful.


        1. yes, all that left Kaikoura had to have photo ID – I won’t even mention the technology the helicopters were using on these kids as they went in to ‘save’ them. Pam – THANK YOU for having this website. One of the best NZ alternative news sites that I have seen ♥


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