Treating cancer is BIG business -the Truth About Chemotherapy

Anybody who researches truth (not in the mainstream media) – you will be aware of this shocking information. With the growing epidemic in cancer now (1 in 3) most of us know someone who has had cancer or has been affected by it via their own circle of family and / or friends. Likewise, most of us are accustomed to the mindset that cancer is a death sentence. For most of those we’ve known who had cancer (I can currently think of five in my own circle) they did the rounds of chemo and surgery and all, sadly, passed on. What you will read in this article from Wake Up World and in our own Cancer pages will challenge your thinking. To conceive of there being any alternative protocols is to most of us, unthinkable. We cannot bring ourselves to think outside of that box. It’s too scary and not worth, we consider, the gamble. (You may be surprized to learn that chemo only works 3% of the time – that is said by medical professionals who’ve concluded you statistically live longer with no treatment than with chemo.) I encourage you to keep reading however, because you will see that many did take that unthinkable step and were rewarded for doing so.

For my own peace of mind, I concentrate on prevention (proactive healthy lifestyle) and have located the holistic Doctors in my vicinity. I figure it is best to be fore armed. I note when I’ve seen loved ones and friends receive the diagnosis we all dread, if they’ve not thought outside the mainstream box beforehand, doing so after a diagnosis is almost too big to tackle. Understandably. Best to think about it early and be prepared. The holistic practitioners are out there. These are the ones who won’t immediately offer you the traditional three options of mainstream, but will treat you holistically. I am referring to qualified medical doctors who also embrace alternative protocols. We have our own success stories in NZ Kiwis, one in particular, who is now well known, Anton Kuraia who was sent home with only weeks to live following extensive chemo. And he’s still alive today! He’s on Facebook too.



The Truth About Chemotherapy – History, Effects and Natural Alternatives

By Ty Bollinger

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

chemotherapy-448578_1280Treating cancer is BIG business. In fact, each year in the USA, allopathic (conventional) cancer treatments generate over $200 billion in revenue. Despite this, cancer is still the #2 leading cause of death in the United States and Great Britain, and the #1 leading cause of death in Canada and Australia. Experts believe these statistics are only going to worsen.

So how can we stop 14 million people every year from being diagnosed? How can we prevent 8 million unnecessary deaths?

The truth is, cancer odds can be beaten. This article is going to change how you think about this devastating disease.

Lethal Accident Spawns Medical “Breakthrough”

Big Pharma, physicians, and others involved in the “Cancer Industry” profit heavily each time a cancer patient submits to the conventional “Big 3” treatment model, involving 1) cutting out essential body parts via surgical intervention, 2) poisoning with chemotherapy, or 3) burning the body with ionizing radiation… or perhaps a barbaric combination of the three, hence the slang “cut, poison, burn.”

In this article, we’re going to focus solely on chemotherapy.




4 thoughts on “Treating cancer is BIG business -the Truth About Chemotherapy”

  1. We have a brain tumor victim living in our home with us. The medikill system have sliced and diced her then put her out on poverty row – to die No system to support her or her teenage son. We have intervened and the change is phenomenal..

    Here is something to remember:
    Cancer patients are suffering from devastating side effects of chemotherapy, when antioxidants may be the answer.

    And you can find a load of natural health info for cancer, posted here kiwis

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    1. Good to hear she’s in good hands Rose. All the best for the continuing road to recovery for her. And yes the side effects are definitely daunting. These people are never told their chances with chemo are like 3%. I also see people with money milked to their last on the latest more expensive option, only to die anyway. Very sad. Thanks for the links, Greenmed one of my favourites & can so recommend Contrail’s mine of information Kiwis. Gold. x

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  2. Thanks again for your info and links SW. Appreciated. : ) This cancer is a plague on humanity, and more insidious is the cover-up about healing from it. Thank you for spreading the word.


  3. Another good movie/documentary to see on this Cancer subject, is
    “Cut, Poison, Burn”.
    Just like Mainstream Media, how so often they always mention the “children” or show the “children” in a war torn area, or starving, or drowning etc etc and a lot of the time, it looks as though that particular News article has been “staged”, BUT here, here is a story, true to life about the battle one family had with their young son, in the fight for survival.
    Here is another link, on the Mercola website that will give a little insight, also the trailer to the documentary.
    Another great documentary to see is “The Pink Ribbon Movie”. This came out back in 2011 and now, it looks as though the full version has been removed from You Tube, but here is a link for the trailer to that movie.


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