So Key’s Resigned Amidst Quake Warnings and Other Things – What’s Going on Kiwis?

It’s been an eventful week nobody could argue, and an equally as eventful time since the very large quake that rattled NZ last month on November 14th. What to make of it all?

Image: Prime News on Youtube

Yesterday we heard our esteemed leader (said with tongue in cheek) has resigned, along with a further afield & equally surprising resignation by the Italian PM.

PM John Key resigns [Photo:]
Shamubeel Eaqub, economist is hinting at a possible housing bubble burst [Photo:]
Then last weekend we had Gerry Brownlee advising us to be prepared for a major quake and yesterday along with the PM’s shock announcement, the equally esteemed economist Shamubeel Eaqub (the one of ‘zombie towns have to die’ Agenda 21 renown) is hinting that the housing bubble could be set to burst. They were talking about this back in June. So what’s really going on here? In my humble opinion it all has a very suspicious smell to it.


Source: NZ Herald

On the quake topic,  a trusted friend recently told me

“…a mate of mine’s husband is a first responder, he was called by his team leader 2 days before Gerry Brownlee got this out in the media, and told to triple his first aid kits and to prepare his family’s emergency kit…”

There is a man who gave folks a heads up on the last quake (Nigel Gray, an unassuming painter and decorator from the Hawke’s Bay who has been documenting geoengineering and weather modification)  drawing world wide attention to Kiwiland. He has indicated we should be on the alert next week either side of 13.12.2016.

Note mainstream originally debunked him … until he drew global attention, then they did an about turn. Typically of media, and not surprising in that he has drawn attention to geoengineering, something our government admits is a scientific practice, but deny is happening here.

So basically I’m not taking any chances, as neither we should in light of Brownlee’s warning even. We need to be prepared in any event so stay safe people and get your emergency back up plan ready. Just in case.


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4 thoughts on “So Key’s Resigned Amidst Quake Warnings and Other Things – What’s Going on Kiwis?”

  1. Excellent Pam. I’ve noticed an interesting pattern of signs with the earthquakes, which you might like to see. It’s from a different perspective from Brian Tamaki’s point of view.
    I believe no-one can predict anything in these uncertain times – not Tamaki, or Ken Ring, or the scientists. It’s my observations from a prayerful point of view – from the God of Nations – the real owner of the land of our bi-cultural society. I hope you find it interesting.
    God bless, Jo


    1. Interesting Jo. Thanks for sharing. We had our own evangelist Barry Smith warning us of current events (similarly) back in the ’70s, Barry Smith from Pelorous Sounds. (His videos & books still available). Nigel … he simply studies the weather mod program that’s going on in NZ in spite of denials by govt. And if these interlopers in our waters who have been given mining rights by our former esteemed leader … if they drill on fault lines then there will be consequences. We were infiltrated with the monetary loans back in the ’60s I believe (Barry writes about that) the consequences of which kicked in with Rogernomics. And most Christians unfortunately think we are scaremongering if we mention it. Or worse, conspiratorial. I believe we are indeed in end times. And quakes were certainly a sign of that Biblically eh?

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