The Pregnant Mother who Declined TDap Vaccination & Why … You’ll be Shocked

This came across my path on Facebook today…



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Please do read the inserts before you submit yourself or your loved ones to any vaccination. Read the research (independent research) also. Educate yourself, don’t just relax and trust that all’s well because clearly, going by this mother’s experience, all is not well. Particularly in the medical world. Of all the people who should have read that insert, this woman’s Doctor, she hadn’t. And she has the lives of real people in her hands? And we, the public, are vilified for refusing these vaccines?

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4 thoughts on “The Pregnant Mother who Declined TDap Vaccination & Why … You’ll be Shocked”

  1. Hi there, so glad you declined the meningococcal vax! I wouldn’t have any of them now, period. And I don’t think you are being paranoid : ) As you’d have found when you get reading many whole populations, particularly poorer nations have been used as guinea pigs, and sterilized to boot. It is shocking. Did you see this one?
    I’ve seen families with vaxxed & unvaxxed kids & the unvaxxed are way healthier. : ) And thanks for the link. Interesting info.


    1. Are you familiar with the vaccine debate? If you haven’t, do research it well. I’ve posted links & videos on my pages but there’s much more & my pages still under construction. Many (like 30+) holistic Doctors have died exposing truth on things around vaccine damage among other things. And childhood vaccines have been ramped up tremendously. I won’t try to summarize it all in this small reply but do research it. We should be able to trust our authorities to check these things but I think the system is so corporately undermined now that we cannot any more. Dr Tenpenny is one you could read (she has a site). Plenty of evidence now that vaccines are not as they seem.


      1. Hi Pam,
        I’ve been reading a bit about the vaccine debate since reading your blog. I refused the meningococcal injection for my daughter in 2005 after seeing Helen Clark promote it on TV with a “concerned” look on her face. That was enough for me – there was no “epidemic” and I felt we were being manipulated and our children used as guinea pigs. The trouble is, now I don’t know which injections are safe – if the Health Department can’t be trusted.
        I thought you might be interested in this blog post:
        It said “… that the DTaP vaccine causes autism is bad enough. A clinical psychologist named Kathy J. Forti maintains that it is the DTaP vaccine, not the Zika virus raging in South America (especially Brazil) and increasingly afflicting the U.S., which causes microcephaly birth defects. ”
        Interesting. If the drug industry could have gone on making money out of Thalidomide while blaming an insect, would they have? Or is that being a bit paranoid?

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