The Hunter’s Death in 1966 From 1080 that DOC Wouldn’t Acknowledge

As the article from 2009 points out, the claim by DOC has been that nobody has died from 1080 poison. As at 1966 this wasn’t acknowledged in fact the authories plead ignorance. I can still find no further reference to this death or acknowledgement from DOC as to how he died. EnvirowatchRangitikei

By Helen Murdoch

The family of a Mataura possum hunter who died from 1080 poisoning 43 years ago want his death publicly acknowledged by the Department of Conservation and Animal Health Board.

Both agencies say no-one has died of accidental 1080 poisoning in New Zealand.

But Ian Buchanan’s widow, 69-year-old Elva Wicks, of Invercargill, said that was not true.

Wicks was 25 years old and the mother of three young children when her first husband, Ian Buchanan, died a “ghastly death” in Dunedin Hospital in 1966.

Coroner J Murray found Buchanan died from “central nervous system depression accompanied by respiratory and cardiac failure due to 1080 poisoning”.

The poison was found by investigators in a tin of jam kept in a back porch cupboard, but it was never discovered how the poison came to be in the jam, or how Buchanan consumed the 1080.


Learn more about 1080 & its prolific use by NZ authorities to eradicate pests.

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  1. We cannot allow ourself to be blindfolded any longer. It upsets me to be treated like we don’t know what’s going on when our beautiful country is being smeared with this disgusting poison there is not enough thorough testing been done on the coincidence of how the poison effects our natural environment. There is a law on how you have to treat animals and the way these die is unforgiveable

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