Bovine TB Deliberately Spread By Government

My as Alice said it gets curiouser and curiouser. Be sure to read the related article from the Whale Oil blog. Some interesting info there on the TB stats.

MIL OSI – Source: New Zealand First – Press Release/Statement

Headline: Bovine TB Deliberately Spread By Government

New Zealand First says it is incomprehensible that Government agencies are using taxpayers money, and farmers’ Animal Health Levies, to introduce bovine tuberculosis (BTB) into an area previously determined to be free of the disease.

TB Free NZ is funding a Landcare research project close to Wellington where possums are deliberately inoculated with TB and then released to spread the disease in the wild, in what is described as a “transmission trial.”

TB Free now plans to “cull” the affected animals by way of an otherwise completely unnecessary 1080 poison drop over a huge region of the Rimutaka Forest Park that borders farmland and includes waterways, hiking tracks, and hunting areas.

“They know the 1080 won’t get all the possums, but 1080 will kill a lot of native birds as well as deer, and the artificially infected surviving possums will probably infect livestock with TB as a result,” says Primary Industries and Outdoor Recreation Spokesperson Richard Prosser.




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4 thoughts on “Bovine TB Deliberately Spread By Government”

  1. Have not heard of Bovine tb up until now. Is this also similar to the Zika virus? ROCKEFELLER’S PATENTED THE ZIKA VIRUS IN 1947. It took them, along with Monsanto’s larvaside, 70 years to weaponize it, And spread it WORLD WIDE! I am sure this Bovine tb is another one of their creations. Reminds me of back when Bill Gates had announced a giant seed bank under Iceland to hold ALL seeds in the world many do not notice Monsanto (and the Rockefellers) lurking in the background, casting a dark shadow over what is really going on. Farmers seem to be under attack all across the world. Just like Kissinger said, “Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people.” And this exactly seems to be what their aim is.

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    1. Yes the control of food alright. That is what they are up to. Here is the big 1080 issue which is looking more suspicious by the day in how it is spread. Control of food I believe as the bush is becoming poisoned. Those who choose to go off grid, their food sources are now inedible. We’ve had a few articles on the Zika virus. I noticed recently they are shrouding whole neighbourhoods in insecticide! The bovine tb, is the excuse for our govt/corporation to bombard everything with 1080 but the rationale is now wearing thin!


  2. It interests me that although we are told rats and opossums fatally predate ground dwelling birds we have here near Dunedin three thriving ‘wild’ populations of poultry that have existed for many years. ymmv


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