“I Don’t Like Your Question & I’m Never Speaking to You Again!” Mayor’s Reply to the Horowhenua District Councilor Who Questioned the $106+ million Debt

This is very bizarre. If a District Councilor asks about Council debt the logical response would surely be a discussion with questions answered would it not? Instead this Mayor launches into an ugly personal attack promising the Cr he’ll never be spoken to again. Times have surely changed. We’ve gone from responsible spending and balancing the books, to insane debt and no accountability. Cr Campbell was clearly looking for accountability. The man is a gentleman and not given to rude comments or aggressive behavior so the response he got was certainly uncalled for. Hear for yourself the vagaries of HDC.


Published on Aug 31, 2016

NZ’s Horowhenua District Cncl is in debt to the tune of $106 million and climbing says one of their Councilors, Ross Campbell. In the video he asks about the debt and the Mayor responds with: “I don’t like your question and I’m never speaking to you again!”. Very bizarre happenings in this Council, all indicative of UN Agenda 21, 2030 practices. See the following links for further info on the Horowhenua District Council and Agenda 21/2030:

AGENDA 21/2030
AGENDA 21/2030 IN NZ


HDC Councilors are Told How to Vote – a Councillor Speaks Out

In Spite of Their Spin the HDC is not Enabling  Democratic Local Decision Making – They’ve Just Issued a  Liquor License Locals Didn’t Want

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4 thoughts on ““I Don’t Like Your Question & I’m Never Speaking to You Again!” Mayor’s Reply to the Horowhenua District Councilor Who Questioned the $106+ million Debt”

  1. Shame on your mayor, where’s the democracy? Keep rattling their chains Ross, the debt levels are ridiculous. Nelson is facing $113 m of debt this year and too few councilors seem concerned about this and the stress it is causing the community who are struggling to pay the rates. All the while we have many lovely sculptures though!


    1. Thanks for your comment Ngaire. Definitely no democracy & especially not in the Horowhenua. Same scenario down there I see too & no surprizes I guess. Here they are cosmetically improving the main street of Foxton against the locals’ wishes, who would far prefer the $1.6 million be spent on quality water.


  2. Hi Pam, hi Ngaire, fancy meeting you here
    I looked at figures for council debts, country-wide, recently…….seems (i may be wrong) that all councils without exception are in debt to roughly the same amount, in proportion to their budget.
    or is the pressure to “buy slavery” coming from the outside, i.e. Goldman Sachs’ etc and their teams of economic hitmen?
    Who are ther companies getting the contracts for capital works? which is the pathetic excuse the TDC trots out to explain its treachery to us?

    is our national debt, from Muldoon’s time, also purely voluntary? or did Rockefeller force it on us at gunpoint? in which case, is it valid?

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    1. You raise all the pertinent questions there angelsfearspecialteve (I can’t place you, remind me 🙂 ) They have conditioned everyone to thinking that kind of debt is the norm. Have seen it on other DC sites. Biz as usual.


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