The disturbingly aggressive roll out of Smart aka Advanced Meters – while children starve and the elderly freeze in rural Aotearoa (NZ)

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A sign posted in Taumaranui NZ regarding the unsolicited installation of a Smart Meter

Here is a sign posted by a Taumaranui resident who had their locked meter box broken into to install a Smart Meter (aka Advanced Meter). As you can see the response they said they got from the lines people when following this up was equally as telling… “we own you people”! 

While it appears little known that there are options for having these meters removed and replaced, it also seems that Taumaranui has only one supplier. This makes things more difficult in terms of no bargaining power. The use of the term ‘jack boot’ is therefore not that extreme given the whole scenario and the way these folks have been treated. It is all symptomatic of the direction our country is headed with an ex-banker for a Prime Minister who clearly places profits and corporate interests above the interests of his constituents.

What is especially disturbing about this event (and it’s not an isolated incident, I’ve heard myself of installations happening while folk were not home) is that in the comments and discussion around this, many others have been similarly treated. The repeated tale of outrageous hikes in charges, one for instance from $100 to $150 approx. plus the Nelson woman last year who received a bill for $800 for her two bedroom house! And this is something I’ve both read about & heard, time and time again. We are fed the line that the meters are more accurate and customers have been undercharged prior to Smart Meter installation. Not to the tune of a $1000 hike? Surely? …  yet this is what I’ve heard more than once. A difference of $20 is feasible but not $600 or more. See here a proposed explanation for these hikes by a retired electrical engineer.

“…over 250 people have commented with some saying they had similar experiences with unexpectedly large power bills and problems after the installation of smart meters.”

Disturbing also is the detail about the elderly turning off their hot water in order to buy food or not turning on any heating because they can’t pay. Again I know of this happening in my district (the Rangitikei) where an elderly person is being charged $150 and upwards in a tiny flat with few if any appliances operating. She has switched off the hot water, has no heater and goes to bed early to keep warm. And finally, the above sign and the comments corroborate that folk are being pressured to leave the district because of the costs. ‘The town is dying’ says the sign.

Now,on that topic, we have been led to believe for years that towns are dying because people somehow mysteriously allowed it. They all moved away. We even had a prominent economist telling us recently that they were zombie towns and pretty much had to go. Well, people left because of decisions made by our respective governments to close down amenities and resources like the hospitals, pharmacies and banking. I know … I remember it happening! It was about the time those governments had borrowed large sums of money and gotten a once prosperous and fully employed nation into un-repayable debt, followed by Rogernomics and belt tightening for the poorer folks, not the wealthy mind. And the former being blamed for the debt while corporations enjoy huge tax breaks.  And now this from the power companies and we were told privatizing them would lower prices. Competition, the market and all that. We’re still waiting nearly three decades on. On that note, check out our (UN)  Agenda 21/2030 pages for why all this is happening. Particularly Agenda 21/2030 in NZ. Watch the video there by former Australian politician Anne Bressington.

As this sign very perceptively outlines folk, we are being ripped off and our southern clean, green paradise is fast morphing into a fascist regime. Think, TPPA and all that has entailed in terms of keeping us out of the loop then claiming to seek our feedback/opinion/input.  Their tactics provide the illusion of having sought our opinion … it is nothing more folks, in case you hadn’t already noticed. See how they provide you with forms containing multi choice options none of which you wanted to choose anyway? Like the recently proposed flag debacle that has cost the country $28 million. Shame.

Returning now to the Smart Meters themselves, be aware, they are NOT compulsory. If you already have one, there are options about its removal and replacement. (If you don’t have one yet, inform your powerco you do not consent to one … in writing … in advance). For further information on that Kiwis, visit and note they have a page there explaining how to get rid of a Smart Meter. The meters are also known here as Advanced Meters. (Folks from other countries, there are similar sites in your countries, just google.)

You should also be aware that health professionals have warned about the health risks these meters carry. Predictably the authorities deny this, however the stopsmartmeters website has already logged before and after testimonies from Kiwis who had their Smart Meters removed. See also the links here for further information on that, with a video trailer featuring a health professional explaining the effects from long term exposure to a Smart Meter. See also in this video what the meters when in proximity do to your blood.  Above all, educate yourself further by watching the award winning doco Take Back Your Power by Josh Del Sol at his website. It is accessible for a very small charge. Or consider holding a viewing in your town (contact stopsmartmeters for details). Further info on Smart Meters is also available on our Smart Meter pages. Spread the word and resist this move.






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  1. Your home is being violated by these criminals placing a smart meter on your home if it is within one meter of everyone who may be within it for more than six minutes a day.

    Get a doctors letter and order the doctor to advise in the letter that it is medically unsafe for any public to be allowed to be nearer than one meter at any time as it cannot be possible for the lines Company to stop anyone going near as one meter of the smart meter.



    April 2012.

    Commissioned by Arc Innovations Limited on behalf of New Zealand’s energy consumers.

    Carried out by the Electric Power Engineering Centre, College of Engineering, University of Canterbury, Christchurch.

    Reviewed by the Wireless Research Centre, College of Engineering, University of Canterbury, Christchurch

    N.B. This is the full study and necessarily involves scientific and engineering terms.

    A brief summary, with less technical content, is also available.

    Smart Meters.


    Smart meters use one or more RF transceiver in the 900MHz, 1.8GHz or 2.4GHz band.

    During transmission (normally limited to a maximum of 50% of the time and in practice usually very much less than this), they radiate RF power.RF radiation causes heating of body tissue. International standards for maximum personal exposure(MPE) for members of the general public, based on reducing the heating effect to 1/50th of the amount shown to cause noticeable effects in laboratory animals, are in force and must be complied with.

    In NZ the current standard is NZS2772:Part 1: 1999, which is to all intents and purposes identical to other national and international standards. Smart meters using the 900MHz and 2.4GHz ISM bands must comply with the RF radiation power limits of the NZ SRD GURL (in order to limit interference).

    In practice they radiate much less power than this allowance and then for only a small fraction of the time, but even if they radiate the maximum amount, on both bands simultaneously, all the time, and the worst case additive reflection occurs, at any distance greater than 1m from the meter, the exposure is less than 35% of the allowable limit.

    This leaves at least 65% of the MPE limit for radiation from all other sources. Smart meters using the 900MHz or 1.8GHz (or potentially the 2.1GHz) cellular bands transmit using the GPRS network used by mobile phones.

    They transmit data similar to SMS texts, at the same RF radiation levels as a mobile phone. Because under normal conditions they are much further away from the body than a mobile phone, they result in much lower exposure.

    Even if the meter spends half its time transmitting data, in a marginal coverage area, at full power, and the worst case additive reflection occurs, at any distance greater than 1m from the meter, the exposure is less than 28% of the allowable limit.

    This leaves at least 72% of the MPE limit for radiation from all other sources.

    Taking the advice from NZS2772 to “minimize unnecessary or incidental RF exposure”, a sensible approach is to locate Smart Meters such that the general public are unlikely to spend longer than a few minutes per day at a distance of less than 1m from them.

    This will ensure that mobile phone use remains, by far, the highest RF exposure source that any individual is likely to be exposed to.

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  2. Thank you for this data Janet. Comments are always appreciated. I highly recommend folk watch Take Back Your Power though as our respective governments, in sync with corporate interests have totally down played the health risks. They like citing the cell phone exposure data however the doco reveals that this comparison is not the reality. They tend to shift the bar of acceptability to suit their own interests & the health effects from exposure are now well documented. Personally, should they ever make these compulsory I will be looking at alternatives.


  3. The s/meter is a cheap vulnerable computer. Its pulses & surges are readily suppressed by the correct kind of smart meter filter.This is perfectly legal. The best one out there I know of is an industry grade Sine Tamer, there may be cheaper ones too. Use it to track the smart grid sine waves at source & attenuate/suppress these frequencies. It also lowers bills, regains privacy, & fully protects health by stopping the surges altogether. Maybe get together & negotiate a group bulk purchase. That may be one way to afford to install one in each home’s service panel (indoors). That way each neighbourhood, one at a time, becomes empowered to defeat this robber baron smart grid legitimately.
    Yes it costs but not nearly as much as smart meter bills will end up costing and that means disconnection, so the Sine Tamer is well worth it


    1. the reason for doing this is because even if you do NOT have a smart meter, as long as you are connected, you are getting smart grid frequencies in your home. These sine tamers also protect off grid homes from solar inverter frequencies


      1. Thanks for replying to this post Snowy. Comments are always welcome. I”ve not heard of a Sine Tamer before but will look into it. I don’t personally have a SM but can pass this advice along. I will post it on our page when I have time.

        And good to hear from a Kiwi descendant : ) My Grandfather was Canadian. I have never been there myself.


      1. Not sure if Snowy will see & reply to this it being 2016. You can of course opt out of the SMs. They aren’t compulsory in NZ. Simply vote with your feet & your wallet. There are companies that will remove them for various fees (anything from $50 to $150 I recently heard.


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