Kiwis lose $871 million from power company privatisations, power is up 3.8% & the elderly freeze

A timely re blog of this article from a year ago … especially since our esteemed leaders, sorry bankers, are selling off everything like it’s going out of fashion. Are we out of debt? No. Check out the Agenda 21/2030 in NZ pages for the reason why all our assets are heading down the gurgler to put it bluntly.

Rangitikei Environmental Health Watch

Whilst many elderly are stopping in bed all day to keep warm because they are paying outrageous prices for power (courtesy of Smart Meters) the CEOs of the powercos are on salaries of 1-2 million dollars. This is the insanity of corporate greed at its finest.

Today’s business corporation is an artificial creation, shielding owners and managers while preserving corporate privilege and existence. Artificial or not, corporations have won more rights under law than people have – rights which government has protected with armed force
Richard L Grossman and Frank T Adams
Recent articles in Nelson have illustrated what can happen following the installation of Smart Meters with accounts coming in at double the normal price and beyond. (Post to come on that one). The Greens in this article have highlighted the nonsensical world of privatisation … a thinly veiled scheme that clearly benefits the corporate world while…

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