Potentially Toxic Magnetic Nanoparticulate Pollution Found in Human Brains & Causing Memory Loss

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As the author of this video points out, there is no mention of geoengineering aka chemtrails as being a potential source of these nano particulates. Weather modification is covert of course and denied by the respective governments. Not entirely though as they are well documented for those who seek truth. Research it…. EnvirowatchRangitikei

“Researchers have discovered significant quantities of potentially toxic magnetic nanoparticles in human brains, sparking fears they could lead to brain diseases.

The particles, made of a form of iron called magnetite, are produced during combustion and can reach high levels in polluted areas. A study published Sep. 5 in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences suggests these pollutants can make their way into the brain when inhaled, either through the lungs or more likely directly through the olfactory bulb, where smell is processed.”

Source: http://www.newsweek.com/potentially-toxic-magnetic-nanoparticle-pollution-human-brains-495950


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  1. The bloke doing the video, i think is absolutely spot on with what he is saying. When i first listened to this crap, i though this is a deliberate red herring to throw the scent off what is going on above. Here is the video… BE SURE TO LEAVE A COMMENT…. it looks like im the only comment there, with a couple thousand views and only one comment??? mine. Come on people, start talking, sharing what you think. https://youtu.be/dfXjeNxSYgA

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  2. This of course has been going on for years, our good doctor, dickhead Smith (still in government I believe) has told us publicly that it is not true. So every New-Zealander believes that it is not true. And it is not in the Media, so it’s not true. Well let me tell you something very interesting!! YOU ARE BEING POISONED EVERY DAY ALL DAY WITH ALL KIND OF CHEMICALS!! Believe it or not! So the next time you see some funny straight lines in the sky that turn into some sort of cloud, ask yourself what it actually is. Clouds do not form from straight lines period!


      1. Of course I knew that you knew! How can we come together and do something about this? See, the problem is that there is a possibility that alternative chemicals are being used that could not be as “friendly” as what we are currently exposed too. My thoughts go back to Vietnam. Scary stuff.

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      2. That is scary. More concentrated no doubt Pete? And how is the big question. Certainly is what’s required tho’. Just watched (before posting today) the CIA whistleblower. Same proposal/question.


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