A Breast Cancer Survivor Who Declined Chemo & Mastectomy Enrages Her Doctor

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When Theresa DiNallo was diagnosed with breast cancer, her world was turned upside down. Like most women who are diagnosed with the deadly illness, life changes drastically. According to BreastCancer.org, 12% of all women will develop breast cancer.  246,660 new cases are expected this year alone. Breast cancer is serious business to those diagnosed with it as well as a profitable business to pharmaceutical companies.

“After completing a mammogram, they called me and put it very delicately, saying they think there is a mass in a certain area,” DiNallo told news-herald.com. “That’s when I immediately got scared and I remember being petrified the whole time.”

Theresa was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma. Theresa was immediately confronted with all the generic options, such as chemotherapy, she, however, chose to be more forward-thinking and started investigating. One of her first findings was that poor nutrition and alcohol use highly increased cancer risks. She also noted that fat-free, sugar-free and low-fat diet items were laden with dangerous chemicals. Of course, the medical world gave her the “there is no definite cause” company line.


For other links visit our Cancer pages. Educate yourself on this plague on humanity, there are alternatives people have used successfully that mainstream medicine will not encourage. Chemo has a mere 3% success rate.


6 thoughts on “A Breast Cancer Survivor Who Declined Chemo & Mastectomy Enrages Her Doctor”

  1. Thanks for all of this ,new the corporates were behind in some slimy way or other.
    The minerals have all been depleted from our soil an placed with chemicals, an we’re all be dupe an going along with it all.
    Joel whallah a Vet took the drug companies to court several times an won. (Book /dvd/Dead doctors dont lie)and said,people should go to a vet if sick they look after animals better than humans etc
    Can go on about alot ..I’m well, I juice, take minerals , know my blood group and do try an educate people. .keep up the good work
    Bless you an thanks


    1. hello Marlene, thanks for commenting 🙂 You are so welcome (regarding your ‘thank you). I’m glad you are aware of what is going on. And thank you for the link. I will take a look at that one. Bless you too 🙂


    1. So true Judith. So many are not aware sadly. I’m sure we all have relatives and friends have passed from this scourge that is totally unnecessary. Do spread the word 🙂 Thanks for commenting.


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