New York City sprays the Dominicans and Puerto Ricans Only for “Zika prevention”

Blatant biological warfare here!


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At 3:20 a.m. on August 17, a public address system passed repeatedly under my apartment. I woke up, looked out my window and saw a police car with a mounted bullhorn. A large truck followed behind. They moved together slowly – about 10 miles an hour – as the truck sprayed a 30-foot cloud into the air, which nearly reached my window.

The recorded message from the police car was garbled. I couldn’t understand any of it, even after they passed under my window six times, spraying both sides of the street until 4 a.m.

It looked something like this:

Zika Spraying

The indecipherable “police message” was clearly a half-hearted compliance with a legal notice requirement. I was curious what the City of New York was doing to my neighborhood at 4 a.m., with garbled police messages.

So I scoured the internet until I found this:

NYC Spraying Event

They had sprayed my neighbourhood for…

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2 thoughts on “New York City sprays the Dominicans and Puerto Ricans Only for “Zika prevention””

  1. The Dominicans and the Puerto Ricans are two tribes of the house of Israel..Ephraim and Simeon.Other tribes are Judah(Negros)and Gad(North American Indian).These nations as well 8 other tribes including Napthali(Maoris,Hawaians,Tahitian,Tongans,Fijians..)are recorded in the Bible(King James Version )All these nations are being persecuted by the same oppressor…Edom..or Rome and the so called Jewish( Khazars)who are out to eradicate and destroy the indigenous nations of the world.First take the land…


    1. Well they already took our land long ago. Do you have links to that info Tribe of Naphthali? I would be interested to read it. Thank you for commenting 🙂


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