“The tactics Horowhenua District Council used to discourage people from commenting on sewage spills is long-standing and insidious” … More revelations from former Councillor Anne Hunt

It’s timely for a reblog of this post as Local Councils get into gear for elections coming up. Be sure to register to vote. Here we have a former HDC councilor who blew the whistle in March this year on the tactics used to coerce councilors in their voting ‘choices’. Please educate yourself here by reading our Agenda 21 pages that describe quite clearly what is happening to our District Councils/Local Govt/Horizons. And why they seem to no longer be democratically representing you the people. Especially read the page ‘Agenda 21 in NZ’ and Dr Naomi Jacob’s ebook there that you can download for free. It shines a whole lot of light on what is happening and why. See Horowhenua in both a national context (it’s happening elsewhere in Aotearoa, check out the other Gov Watch pages) and in a global context. Be prepared for the elections coming up. If we are going to change the status quo we need to vote in people who represent truth and honesty in their dealings. Horowhenua voters will know who they are.

Rangitikei Enviromental Health Watch

2Copy of Anne

“The tactics Horowhenua District Council used to discourage people from commenting on sewage spills is long-standing and insidious … the whole thrust of one workshop was aimed at undermining the credibility of WECA (Water and Environmental Care Assn Inc.) members”  

“We were given a plausible explanation from staff” and then urged to “get [the message] out there because these people who were complaining didn’t know what they were talking about … as I was generally kept out of the loop, only occasionally did I hear what tactics they were planning to use to discredit these people”

Former HDC Councillor, Anne Hunt

In our previous articles on the topic of the Horowhenua District Council’s role in pollution of its waterways with inadequately treated sewage (see links to articles below) former Councillor Anne Hunt described how Mayor Brendan Duffy had coerced Councillors into  supporting the Council CEO’s assertion that HDC was not guilty…

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