Wind Farms: Little People vs Corporate Power in the Central North Island

A timely reblog of this post from last year ..

Rangitikei Enviromental Health Watch

Imagine …  a transformation from the stunning, pristine view above … to this!

Copy of ruapehu plus turbines

How corporate, big business loves to impose their footprint, all with an eye to profits and usually without true consultation or consent from the people their decisions will affect.

If you’re not up to speed with wind farms and how they work take a look at the events that have gone down with this particular proposed wind farm in the central Hihitahi Plateau, North Island, NZ. Follow the links also to the website that is the voice of those who are trying to oppose this violation of the environment. The site features articles and details of their struggle. There are many question marks over the cost efficiency and safety to human health of wind farms.


Introduction & Timeline of Events:

Meridian Energy Limited (MEL) a state owned enterprise, sought and obtained consents for two…

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8 thoughts on “Wind Farms: Little People vs Corporate Power in the Central North Island”

    1. Thank you : ) !! Yes I have read Rosa’s book, I have her video (well one of them) on the Agenda 21 page. We are seeing A21 unfolding here in our nation also. Very evident in our local district councils now. Some documented on our Local Government Watch pages.

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    1. Was meaning the “local govt watch” pages are on my site here. Our LG I recently heard, wants to change to selected not elected reps. (Which will be those who don’t represent the people). Already they don’t represent the people fully. One LG I heard recently, the Mayor strategically handpicks those who are on committees.. those with like minds. They are also told how to vote with bully tactics. That info is on the pages I mention (LG watch). Another good watch on A21 is Anne Bressington, an Australian. She’s on the A21 page also. She blew the whistle on what’s happening there. And a NZer has also written on it, Naomi Jacobs she is on the A21 in NZ page. : )


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