1080 Poison Dropped Directly into Auckland’s Waterways in 2015 – With Regional Council’s Consent

Published on Feb 8, 2016

The Auckland Council stated in its pacifying document that it used “highly accurate GPS application technology to apply bait”.
The truth is that GPS technology was used to ensure every stream and watercourse within the drop boundaries were spread with 1080 poison.

The Auckland Regional Public Health Service set conditions “to protect human health”, and also helped with the “drinking water monitoring plan”, stated Auckland Council in a project document. However, it’s sobering to note that in 2008 the Ministry of Health stated “To date there are no known epidemiological studies that have been carried out in relation to 1080 and potential adverse health effects on humans.” It’s now 2016, and still no studies on chronic impacts have been done, but the areas the poison is being dropped into our environment continues to increase ….


The 4x Award Winnning Environmental Film NZ TV Channels Refuse to Play

See the GrafBoys’ channel at Youtube & their website called tv-wild.com  for further info & research.


A reader comments:
“It’s worth noting too that when a Forestry firm sprayed “Release” spray (to keep base of new planting seeds weed free). After a heavy rain event the spray was found to have washed into 3 of the 4 water reservoirs used for Auckland water.As a result water was stopped from being used for 4 months.Yet when 1080 was dropped over the Hunuas, water was NOT stopped!” 16 August 2018

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  1. Do we have any information on a possible connection between the poisoning of the water supply in Havelock North and the recent 1080 drop?

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